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How successful can IVF be with Endo


Good morning ladies, just wanted some advice.

I'm currently waiting for funding for IVF process on NHS and in mean time I was wondering as I have endometriosis which was removed last year and now reoccured on same side. Would the success be better if I tried to push for another laproscopy to have endo drained. If anyone with endo who has successfully been thru IVF reach out... Would be good to get some advice on how you felt whether you was thinking the same as me then was told to just leave it be.

Thanks, have a good day everyone xxx

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Hi Yazminakmal. Sorry to hear that you suffer with endometriosis. Good that you have a referral, so once seen, they will decide whether there is any need to repeat the laparoscopy in order to deal with any further endometriosis. I do hope that all will be straightforward for you and you don't have to wait too long. Diane

Hi Diane, thank you for your reply. Yeah I guess I'll just have to wait and see... I just felt in the mean time whilst I'm waiting maybe I could try and sort that out whilst waiting for the funding to go through. But I'll wait and see what they say. Thanks xxx

Hi, I was in a similar situation. Had a lap but an endometrioma reappeared within about 3 months. I was told i shouldnt have another lap as I already had low amh and they were worried about the surgery further reducing it. Instead i was put on prostap for 3 months, which basically puts you into temporary menopause. This made the endo completely disappear and we were able to start IVF during the third month.

We only got 3 eggs, but two embryos made it to day 5. One was frozen and the other transferred and I am currently 37 weeks pregnant from that embryo.

From what I understand the endo comes back as soon as you stop the prostap so it's not a long term solution but can be useful for ivf purposes. Obviously everyone's body is different so it would be good to get your doctor to go through the pros and cons of all the possible options. My doctor talked us through all the different options and explained why she thought prostap was the best for us which I found really reassuring at the time.

Hey "forecast123" woow, your story has just uplifted my concerns and has totally restored all faith. That's amazing news, so prostab was what helped get rid of it. How was you feeling whilst on prostab, how did it make you feel.. was you putting on weight was you getting pains, didu get any kind of bleed however because the endo disappeared. If you don't mind me asking how old are you? I'm 28, and when I do eventually get seen by the IVF consultant I'll speak to them and see if prostab could be an option, congratulations on your pregnancy.

I just love these stories of hope where others in a similar situation have finally got to the end result. Wishing you a smooth and easy labour! 💗 xxxx

I was 28 at the time of the IVF cycle, 29 now.

Hey, what a nice story! My congrats! It gives faith to people who became desperate and devastated by long years of trying. Wish your health remained forceful and steady, and your gestation passed smoothly till the very end!

I have endometriosis on both ovaries when I started ivf the consultant said to leave it untreated as it could cause more damage so I went ahead with treatment without treatment and I’m now currently 29weeks pregnant !

I would defo go through ivf and go with what your consultant say as they are the specialist and really know what they are talking about.

Good luck xXx

That's amazing news that they said to leave it untreated and now your 29weeks, was it on your first attempt of IVF that you got pregnant. So a fresh cycle or FET. How many eggs did they manage to collect and how many made it to day 5.

Your right they are the experts and they know what's best. Thanks, wishing you a smooth remainder of your pregnancy and good luck for Labour 💗💗💗 xxxx

Yea I had a fresh cycle which I had 6 eggs collected 5 fertilised and 2 made it to day 5 had them both put back and 1 stuck which was amazing.

We went to one clinic and their attitude was that they doubted I would get to egg collection but I found the right clinic for us who had a positive attitude and give us loads of hints and tips on how to make our cycle a success and I am so grateful I listened to them.

Just go with what’s right for you as you need to be happy and positive while going through it all.

Good luck

Wooow out of 6, 5 fertilised. That's great, and then 1 stuck out of the 2 day 5 blastocyst. I'm so glad it worked out well for u.. So glad u changed clinics after the 1st one wasn't as hopeful. Your right positive attitude defo is the key. Im so glad it worked out, wish u all thr best with your pregnancy 💗

To be honest no-one knows what endo does with success rates. Its all opinion.

I had an ovary removed due to a 7cm mass of endo in it in may 2016, took ages for my periods and hormones to be normal after that lap. Probably about 6 months id say.

I went to an endo expert (make sure if you have stage 3 or 4 you are seen by a bgse specialist not a general gynae) who said "current thinking" was its better to remove all endo before trying for ivf. I didn't feel i had the time to wait and recover as amh was 8 and i was 38. Had first round of icsi march 2017 and have a daughter from that.

Failed fet March 2019 but been diagnosed as stage 4 endo last month as I'm finally been seen at a bgse centre. Probably been stage 4 endo for years but finally an expert saw me rather than a general gynae stepping out of the guidelines.


I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant (with 3 good quality embryos frozen) following our first round of IVF with ICSI. We were dealing with endometriosis, ovulation issues as well as male factor. I had a laproscopy 6 months prior and then left it be. Everybody is different but don't give up hope!

We're feeling extremely fortunate!

Jasmeet1991mb in reply to Hidden

That's amazing to hear it worked 1st time round for u, and definately wont give up hope. Everyones messages have given me so much hope and reassurance that it's possible. Depending on there advise and whether they want to put me on a temporary menopause or chance it and try put in blastocyst when they are at day 5 nd of a good quality grade.

Lets see how it all goes, but wish u all the best. Thank you so much for your response. Just hope it works out okay x

I'm am currently 28 weeks pregnant i have endometriosis which couldn't be removed due to being close to arteries i had the injection to put me in temporary menopause ready for ivf we had icsi as my my partner sperm mobility and morphology weren't great and it worked 1st time for us, my amh was also low due tp the endo but despite all that the treatment we were advised to put 2 embryos back due to the quality not being great we were originally pregnant with twins but lost one and i am expectecting a little girl in january

Jasmeet1991mb in reply to Lyn84

Thank you for your response and I'm so sorry to hear you lost one of your twins. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy. How long did they put u on a temporary menopause before starting IVF process x

Lyn84 in reply to Jasmeet1991mb

Was only on it a month

Hi dear! As you see, there are a lot of successful stories with endo, it's one of them

The other issue is your adolescence, it gives you a lot of preferences in case you'll find a good doctor. Will it be your first try? Please keep me in touch, you're so young, and I want a little miracle happened to you too :)

Hi there,

Yes it going to be my first attempt with Ivf, 3 months ago without realising I had an etopic pregnancy then month after I have IUI which to my understanding I thought was unsuccessful but then I noticed a decidual cast came gushing out and presumed this was a miscarrage again. I'm taking pregnacare (For 6month cureently) and Ubiquinol which I've just started. I had endo on right side on ovary which was drained and going thru subfertility process they noticed it appeared I'm convinced this happened due to Clomid whilst undergoing IUI as it can rapidly grow. NowI'm awaiting IVF waiting for the funding to go thru then I can start the process. I'm 28 so still young. Let's hope and see what hapend. I just desperately want a miracle. Xxxx

On the one hand I realize and feel your struggles, but on the other hand - hope everything will be fine. Particularly, it's your first try, so now you should be patient and confident a miracle will happen. Some clinics offer a service called endo transfer, have you already pondered on it? Maybe. it seems to be unexplored, but I think if you find a reliable clinic the questions won't raise.

I've never heard of endo transfer, thank u for bringing it to my attention. Going to do some research on this. Yeah I'm hopeful as I'm young I'm taking all the right vitamins and Ubiquinol to help egg quality. Turned to a keto diet and gyming that when my turn comes and IVF starts hopefully I'll be in good shape and insides r ready for thr trerament. Xxxx

can give you an advice. I'm from Switzerland and had to look for options abroad. After making a research and reading a lot of reviews on different clinics I decided to move to Ukraine. You can read about a doctor Julia Kotlik, she's a real professional. You can contact her and ask all the questions concerning endo transfer and so on. Wish you luck :)

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