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Hoping for improvement - lining scan


Just awaiting my lining check this morning after a cancelled cycle and hysterscopy that showed thin pale unresponsive lining. I’ve literally done everything I possibly can to improve; acupuncture, fertility massage and yoga, castor oil packs, good diet, no drink, vitamin c, d, e and l’argine, co enzyme and red clover..... I pray this has showed improvement on this trial cycle so I can transfer my precious frozen embryos

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Wishing you so much luck for today, hope its encouraging news!xx

Hi, my clinic put me on a injection called suprecur to thicken my lining up as from cd 2 it wasn’t getting thicker I was on that for 2 to 3 weeks for it to get thick it did the job xx

Well it’s good structure, nice 3 lines but still only 5mm. I am on 3x 2mg prognova is that not a lot?

Its good that you have a triple layer. Have the hospital mentioned upping your dose at all? Im usually on a higher dose than this. I usually start off on around 4x2mg plus estrogen patches (8mg in total) upping to 5x2mg and sometimes more.....think the most I was on at one point was 8x2mg per day.xx

They are checking my bloods and calling this afternoon so hopefully they will up the dose. Did you get many side affects from the estrogen?

I was quite lucky to be honest, weight gain, fluid retention and hair loss were the worst things for me. Hopefully they'll get back to you soon with a plan.xxx

Hi I was suffering from thin lining issues with only getting to 5mm so my fresh cycle was cancelled and then on my Fet transfer my day 12 scan still only showed 4.8. I asked if I could double my dose and I also asked if I could do a few of the progynova vaginally too as I’d googled it works better. They said I could and when I got to transfer day 5 days later it had gone up to 8.1mm. I don’t know if it was from taking it vaginally but anything is worth a shot xx

Thanks for your reply. They have taken me to 10mg now up from 6 and 2 are to be taken vaginally. Got a scan Friday so will be thrilled if I had the same response as yourself. This gives me a bit of hope x

Good luck, we had decided to go for a transfer anyway but was stressing I was still going to be at 5mm, I really think the vaginal way worked best for me. I’ll find out on Sunday if the embryo has stuck though 🙏🏻 Xx

Oh bless you... I will have everything crossed for you. Let me know how you get on xxx

Good luck, glad you have a plan in place!! Fingers crossed for your next scan!xx

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