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Cancelled cycle - any hope?



I've not posted on here before but have been reading a lot of the posts with interest. Now I've got a question of my own I was hoping people could help me with.

I have low amh (3.5pmol) and a low antral follicle count (6-7) despite being 'only' 32. Unfortunately I've just had my first IVF cycle cancelled. I did have 6 follicles at baseline, but only one responded to the meds (300iu of Menopur per day). I was on the short protocol. So basically my follicles just didn't seem to respond to the meds at all (apart from one).

Has anyone had similar experiences and then found a different protocol or different meds made a difference? I am hoping there is still a chance that we will have a different outcome next time, but I don't know if I am just kidding myself.


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Hi I can’t help too much but to say I just had the same thing. I’m having a cycle break before trying again x

Mak2019 in reply to amandac84

Good luck on your next cycle! x

Hi, I experienced the same last week and really feel for you. My AMH is 2 and I didn’t respond to the drugs either. Let’s hope we both get better results next time. Wishing you lots of luck xx

same to you! Lots of luck. This is so hard but at least it's nice to know we are not alone. x

Hi, I really do feel for you as I've had a cancelled cycle and also one with one egg which failed to fertilise normally.

I'm only 36 with amh of 5.6 when tested dec 18, 9 follicles best ever seen in base line scan.

After 2 failed iuis, and the nothing to transfer cycle I had a 9 week break and went away for a week with my husband.

I took dhea 75mg daily told to by my consultant. I got the micronized one from America, macpherson labs. I took q10 but the ubiquinol type.

Its heart breaking to be a poor responder as you hear of woman getting 5 eggs or 10 and I can only dream of results like that but you are not alone and your next cycle will be better.

I started clomid 100 mg on day 2 of my period, then 300iu and 375 alternate doses menopur from day 4. I was scanned and had blood test at least every other day or daily for 8 days of menopur and I got 2 eggs this time. 4 follicles but only 2 big ones. One fertilised via icsi and I had a 3 day transfer of a 8 cell embryo 7 days ago. I cant tell you if I've been successful but when you are in our boat getting to transfer was a massive achievement for me.

You will be ok don't lose hope Xxx

Mak2019 in reply to Melodys99

Wow amazing that you got to transfer. I really hope this one is the one for you! Thanks for sharing. x


I unfortunately didn't responded well to my first cycle. I ended up with what they thought was 3 eggs. One was a cyst, second was empty and the third one disappeared by the time I has the EC so obviously was so heartbroken by the time I came round from my EC. My Amh is 8.1. I did get pregnant naturally the month after ivf although I lost it at 9 and a half weeks...

I'm doing Ivf again next month and they have put me on menopur at the max of 450ml instead of Gonal F. I am also taking ubinquinol as I've heard that helps.

I felt so alone and shocked when I didn't get any eggs as no one explained it can happen only when I joined this forum it does happen unfortunately.

Wishing you all the best xx

Mak2019 in reply to Sofi1

I am so sorry to hear about everything that you've been through. I knew that not getting any eggs was a possibility but you hear so many positive stories I think I convinced myself it would be ok. It sucks to be diagnosed with infertility but then also not even getting to egg collection is heartbreaking. I am also hoping a change in medication will help. Good luck on your next try! xx

Thank you. All the best to you too. I am really nervous about my next try.

Hoping we will get there xx

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