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When to stop taking Progynova (oestrogen) after a successful IVF cycle?


I'm now 9w1d having been incredibly lucky with a successful fresh IVF cycle. I'm currently still on Progynova (oestrogen) pills twice a day and Utrogestan pessaries (progesterone) 3 times a day. When we had our first scan at 7 weeks, the doctor said to keep taking both until 12 weeks, but at our scan today the nurse said we can stop the progynova now. I'm a little scared to just stop taking it! Anyone else had this? When did you stop taking it?

Thanks! X

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I’m stopping mine tomorrow at 10 weeks on the instruction of my clinic. I’m scared too tbh but not as scared as I am about stopping progesterone.

When are you stopping the progesterone? I've been told 12 weeks for that, but to lower the dose over a few days. X

My clinic said to stop progesterone at 10 weeks and that continuing any longer could damage the reproductive system if the babies are boys. I think that’s complete nonsense tbh so I managed to persuade my NHS obstetrician to prescribe me enough to last me until 16 weeks. He said it won’t do any harm. I’ve had previous miscarriage though so I’m paranoid. I think 12 weeks would be fine as the placenta will be working properly.


I’ve been told 10 weeks which I’m approaching but I’m also feeling nervous. I think it’s cause the placenta takes over the hormones by that time so in theory is fine without. Still feel nervous though! X

I started to reduce dose of both at 10 weeks so was off completely just after 11 weeks.

I stopped that and progesterone at 12 weeks x

I've just stopped Progynova at 10 weeks. I've been told to continue the progesterone pessaries until 12 weeks then taper off the dose over two more weeks. There does seem to be quite a bit of variation in what different clinics advise.

My clinic give me a timetable to taper off the dose rather than stopping all of a sudden xo

Thanks everyone, it really does seem to differ between clinics so much! I have enough of both to last just over 12 weeks so I might just keep taking it until then. Only 3 more weeks, but I feel less panicky about stopping it at the 12 week mark I think! X


My clinic have told me to stop progynova at the same time I stop cyclogest. This will be around 9 weeks but they want me to continue clexane until 12 weeks. They said most clinics stop much earlier. I’m worried about stopping and hoping all is ok

I have to reduce it after week 12 and continue until week 16

Normally its until week12, but wean off before that

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