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Day 2, 3 or 5 for 4 little embryos?

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Hi experts

Six little embryos made it! So happy. After such a low day yesterday now feel on top od the world!?

Doc says it’s up to me. Put four in tomorrow on day two, or hold off and wait.

Any wisdom and advice gratefully received


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Just wanted to say that’s fab news about your little embryos, well done! Xxx

Thanks lovely. Will do a lot of research before tomorrow and see whether best to wait five days but have fewer embryos or just get them back in asap. Hope your journey is indeed, ever hopeful x

Thank you so much 💖 keeping everything crossed for you xx

Im no expert on this unfortunately but id say go with your gut..whatever you decide will be the right decision for you xo

Thanks so much. When I called this morning they said looking good so will wait til day three. So decision taken out of my hands anyway. So transfer tomorrow!? Can’t wait :) xx

Aw brilliant glad theyre doing well.. How exciting!! Not long to wait now xox

I read a great article today, 42yr old put 4 embies back now has perfect baby girl. I say go for it.

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Oooh magic! It’s a lucky omen :) could you forward me article? Would love to read. Doc rang this morning and said all doing well so going to wait and transfer four tomorrow lunch! Xox

Will try n find it the article is long....l was researching abnormal embryos and came across this very well written article 2017. Dr Monica Halem With great outcome. Cant find link but google

thecut.com2017 ivf abnormal embryos new last chance

Happy embie homecoming day. Wonderful! thank you xx

Hi, I nervously waited the 5 days, at first they said they were going to do transfer at three days, because they didn’t think it would go to 5 days, oh the panic I had. All four of mine got to 5 days in the end and because of my failed FET, my doctor wanted to put all four in. I’ve never lived my life by halves, in for a penny in for a pound is my motto. So went for it. I got my positive home test a week later, just now waiting for my blood results. Not that I’m saying it’s for everyone and there’s a little bit of me going “oh shit” what if they all took, but the more the merrier, I always wanted a big family 😂😂 you’ll know what you want on the day.

Haha. I’m totally of that mindset! Let’s see what they say tomorrow! So exciting. And super congrats to you!!! Xxx

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