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Progesterone for FET - what worked for you?


Question for those who had successful FET. What type of progesterone did you use - gel, pessaries or injections (bum or tummy) and what was your dose?

I have a FET coming up in August and just curious to hear what worked for people :)

Many thanks

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Hi hun , I had 3x pessaries per day and 1x lubion injection per day. That worked for me 😊 x x

KatDub in reply to Mae1

Thanks for replying Mae and congrats! :) xx

Hi Kat,

My clinic usually recommends pessaries. Last FET I started with Utrogestan pessaries (200mg) 3 per day. I started 5 days before the transfer. Because of my previous miscarriage they checked the progesterone level the day before transfer and it was OK.

OTD came and I had my BFP but progesterone was low. So clinic told me to continue the pessaries 3 per day and they add Utrogestan 1 oral capsule per day (200mg) + Lubion 25mg 1 injection in the tummy per day.

One week later they checked again the progesterone level and it was OK.

Good luck!! ;)


KatDub in reply to lucyyyyy

Thanks Lucy and congrats again! :)

Hmm, another success with pessaries and injection combo. My protocol is only the gel twice a day and my clinic doesn't check levels before the transfer. I fear that this could have been a factor for my failed FET. I will chat to my clinic about this xxx

lucyyyyy in reply to KatDub

Yeah... When things don't work out it's a good idea to try something new. Lubion injections are quite expensive (at least here in Brussels) but if that works I don't mind paying them!

My clinic never tested my progesterone levels before the other 2 transfers I had. It was only because I miscarried last time that they decided to do that!

Hi! My AF always started early when I was on 3 utrogestan pessaries a day so I’ve tried lubion on its own a few times but only had failed implantation and a miscarriage. This time I had my progesterone levels checked for first time on day of transfer having been on lubion and my progesterone was very low, only 5.9. I was then switched to prontogest in the bum and when I was tested 4 days later my progesterone was 93. Not been tested since but got a BFP and now 12dp5dt and just hope I stay pregnant x

KatDub in reply to Scarlett13

Thanks Scarlett and congrats on your positive!! Thats great that your levels were checked this time. Should I get a positive, I'll also ask for it to be checked. The bum injections are very popular in the US and I always wondered why not here.. They sound sore but we are so tough at this stage 💪 I did read about them having the best absorbtion.

Scarlett13 in reply to KatDub

I don’t find them too bad, and my partner does them for me xxx

KatDub in reply to Scarlett13

That's good to hear.

Oh for sure! I wouldn't be able myself, all tummy jabs were done by himself. Nice to get them involved too 😊

Justus1 in reply to Scarlett13

Love hearing you me hope for the next few weeks. We have a similar story to you (lots of BFN, early AF, and a miscarriage) and am using injections in the bum for the first time with FET , transfer on Monday. The injections on the bum, how do you avoid soreness? My husband did the first one tonight and it’s still sore 4 hours later. Any advice? X

Scarlett13 in reply to Justus1

I’m afraid the soreness isn’t nice but I got my partner to rub the area he injected straight after and also when I started to get itchy from all the injections I put an ice pack on the sites each evening which helped. Good luck xxx

Justus1 in reply to Scarlett13

Thank you x

I had 400mg pessaries twice daily and got my BFP today just hope it stays p! 🙈

KatDub in reply to Charleexn2

Whooop whoop congrats Charleexn, wonderful news 😊

I had Cyclogest 400mg twice a day x

KatDub in reply to Sarah_37

Thanks for replying Sarah and congrats on your pregnancy ☺️

I used the pessaries one twice a day ☺️ X

KatDub in reply to JulieOcean2

Thanks for your reply Julie. Pessaries seem to be a winner here 😊

Hi, I had pessaries one on the morning and one at night and then an injection of prontogest in my backside every 3 days. Had my BFP from this second round of IVF.

Good luck chick xx

No success for me yet but in my 2 fresh rounds I was on pessaries and the first didn’t work and the second ended in a chemical. We will be having a frozen cycle in March and they will be putting me on pessaries and injections. Our consultant said there was a study with progesterone injections improving results in frozen worth asking. I’ll do whatever they say if it works 😂🤞🏻 Xx

Thanks girls, this is an old thread, but maybe I should update. I'm 24 weeks pregnant from that FET. I was on 1 gel in the mornings and one tummy jab in the evenings. Many other things changed in my protocol, but maybe that was one contributing factor :)

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