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7dp5dt 2WW BFP!!!!!!


After spotting/bleeding on and off yesterday and having a terrible nights sleep I finally decided to re test early.

It’s BFP!!!!!!! I am so pleased to finally see two lines as I thought it was my AF yesterday.

7 years of BFN’s and we’ve finally done it...

This 2WW is hands down definitely the most hardest part of IVF.

1 more week until OTD but at least this has put my mind at ease (a little) until I find something else to worry about lol

Good luck to everyone else in the 2WW x😉

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Aww Bless Congratulations Hun You Really Deserve this ❤️

Yay congratulations! Bet you’re over the moon after your early BFN! That’s when I got my first BFP and I have my 12 week scan tomorrow! 🥳 xxx

Awwwh congratulations your day finally arrived these things are most definitely worth waiting for xxx

Congratulations lovely! Great news xxx

Congratulations and best of luck for OTD!!xx

congratulations, great news. xxx

Congratulations Hun, I'm so happy for you xx

Great news! So happy for you xxx

Thankyou so much everyone for your wishes... I really am chuffed with the results but not feeling as relaxed as I thought I would be... #still spotting red 😩 I want to test every time I see blood..

Remaining hopeful of course and can’t wait until Monday OTD x

That's great, congratulations xx

Fab news congratulations. Try not to worry about the bleed, it may still be implantation bleeding. X

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Thankyou... I’m trying so hard not to worry but my heart sinks every time I see it x

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Can't blame you, I'm almost 8 weeks and since I had my bleed almost 2 weeks ago I still look after I've been to the loo and each time I wipe. Hoping once I have my scan it will put my mind at a bit of an ease x

This is so great, I waiting on my transfer this week and dreading the 2WW but so lovely to hear a positive story

The dreaded 2WW Best of luck to you, I hope you also have a positive outcome x

Yeahhhhh so happy for u!!!! 💜 bet your so relived. If I hadn’t of been on holiday i would have defo caved and tested by now too xx

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