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Ubiquinol - when should I stop taking this?

I’ve been taking ubiquinol since Dec last year and hubby has been taking coq10. I just started my buserelin nasal spray a few days ago. Should I continue with ubiquinol or stop?

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Are you on self-medication? If not I presume your doc must have given you a clear dosage period of Ubiquinol. Why are you reluctant about following what your prescription says? Usually, the egg quality improving medication go on for 4-6 week in low daily dosage. Thereafter, the sims begin or the Brusereline to supress natural cycle starts if your treatment regime doesn't follow the natural cycle. But I'm certain the dosage and duration is definitely going to vary from person to persona and based on which medication the doc selects. So I'd seriously suggest that please do not try to redefine your dosage tenure based on what other's got... but stick to what specific instruction your doc gave.


My clinic had me continue through the stims. Since it occurs naturally in the body they told me it was optional to continue after the transfer.

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Thanks for this. That’s useful to know x


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