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Time off after transfer...

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I had my transfer this Tuesday gone and wasn’t going to but then asked for the rest of the week off to rest and recuperate. It’s a frozen transfer so I haven’t had egg collection but I have never felt so tired in my life. My boss was amazingly understanding I am very lucky.

I felt a bit bad having it off but then I thought actually no I can’t get pregnant naturally and this is my second chance in 4 and I need to try and keep stress levels down.

What did you guys do? Is it justified? X

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Hello KirstyC90, I think you made the best decision for yourself. Please don't feel bad about it because your well being is very important. Work will manage. Rest up and enjoy the good weather we are currently having (if in the Uk). Wishing you all the bestest xx

Thank you x

Hi Kirsty,

With my last transfer, also frozen, I took a week off (never did with previous transfers)

I was going to have a weeks full of stressful meetings, and that’s definitely not ideal for implantation.

I got my bfp and will never regret the decision of taking some time off.

Lots of luck for your 2ww ❤️

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KirstyC90 in reply to CatDV

Yes I had three stressful days ahead of me and I’ve been stressed working so hard these last few months that I thought I would take decision to try and do what’s best for my body. Thank you for your support x

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CatDV in reply to KirstyC90

You’ve made the best decision in order to give your little embryo the best chance possible. 😉

I have done both, gone back to work and had some time off and only ever had 1 BFP. On that occasion I had some time off but I cant say for sure as I'd been off before....that was our 5th transfer, it sadly didnt end well but I will be having a few days again this time. I think you should just go with your gut feeling of whats right for you, after all its about not having any regrets regardless of the outcome. Best of luck!xx

Thank you for your support, I do feel extremely tired to be honest x

Don't feel bad, IVF no matter how you do it, is draining both mentally and physically. Take the time to rest and if you want, have some naps as you are feeling tired xx

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KirstyC90 in reply to AnnieAnnie

It is isn’t it, there’s so much more to it and I think if others don’t know what you’ve been through they’ll never truly understand. I have had some naps! Thank you x

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AnnieAnnie in reply to KirstyC90

So much more, our minds are in constant overdrive as well as having to deal with normal day life stresses! I found the progesterone was making me really tired in my first cycle but just napped when ever I could. Look after yourself during this time lovely xx

I think you made a good decision. It’s nice to just relax and have plenty of naps.

I had my transfer on a Wednesday and I took the rest of the week off work, went and stayed with my hubbys mum and dad, went on a nice walk and sat and read a book in the sunshine.

It was so lovely and I think it really helped my mindset.

It was our 1st IVF procedure and we were lucky enough to get a positive at the end of the two week wait. 🥰.

Fingers crossed for you xx

I scheduled my transfer for tomorrow as it’s a bank holiday weekend. I’m lucky that my lining never drops below 9mm so I was able to choose my FET day. I also work from home on Tuesdays so I don’t have to be back in the office until Wednesday.

I think it’s important to have a few days off if you can to rest and relax but I felt it was also important during my last 2ww to get back to work in the 2nd week as my mind was in overdrive and I needed to keep busy. Hope it all goes well and the 2ww flies by with a BFP at the end x

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