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Success ivf stories with 2 embryo transfer


Hi!! I had 2 failed FET and last Wednesday I was transferred with 2 embryos. That was our last one. I don’t feel anything different. No symptoms. It was the same with last 2 failed cycle as well. Anybody have success stories with similar situation and positive outcome?


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I have just had a successful FET, it was a double transfer but only one implanted. My symptoms were on and off over the 2ww but some people don’t get any symptoms and have successful cycles. Wishing u the best of luck xxx

Poosa in reply to Sarah_37

Thank you!! What kind of symptoms did you have?

Sarah_37 in reply to Poosa

I had a bit of spotting 7dp5dt also bloating, nausea, and sore boobs, but they weren’t there the whole time apart from the bloating but I think that is more to do with the meds. I also had a bleed with clots the week after a positive test but we think that was due to the embryo that didn’t make it xx

Poosa in reply to Sarah_37

Great! Thanks and congratulations to you!!

I had 2 embryos transferred and was told neither were great quality!! I had no symptoms at all and got pregnant. I now have a 5 month old baby girl, the second embryo never made it. Wishing you so much luck in your journey xx

Nay1986 in reply to Birdboy1

Same here 🙋‍♀️ Oxford basically told me that the 2 embryos were not at the stage they had hoped but just goes to show it doesn’t take the top grade embies. Congratulations on you’re little one, and good luck Poosa ❤️ X

I’m Oxford too hun xx

Poosa in reply to Birdboy1

Thank you and glad to hear that you have a baby girl 😀

I had no symtoms when I got pregnant after a (single) FET. Some people don't get any symptoms until much later on, if at all! Fingers crossed for your BFP!

Hello. I had two failed FET with 2 embryos replaced each time and then in May last year I had a single frozen embryo transferred. I had no symptoms other than feeling slightly dizzy and I now have a beautiful 15 week old baby boy so miracles do happen. Lots of luck and love to you. Keep us posted on your OTD xxxx

Poosa in reply to Sarahlou01

Thank you!!

I have been experiencing little cramping and bloating in the past 2 days. It’s my 7th day today. My Beta is next Friday. I did an early pregnancy test today. I got one clear line and other line is very small and pink. Hope this indicates positive.

I am going to do another test tomorrow.

I am holding by my excitement till it’s confirmed. Fingers crossed 🤞. Thanks to all for sharing your experiences 😊

Yay I am happy to share that I am now pregnant. I had my beta last Friday ang got it positive from the clinic.


Hidden in reply to Poosa

Congratulations xx

Congratulations!!! So happy for you xx

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