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Choosing an IVF clinic in West London


Hello, had a frozen transfer recently which didn't stick and it was our last embryo. Looking for a clinic in London for our next round of IVF (we are based in Hammersmith.) Does anyone have any experice with any clinics in London that are really good with communication? Although the treatment was very good, a lack of communication and responsiveness was something which I found the most difficult at our last clinic, so any recommendations would be very welcome.

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Hi frnchwife, we are also looking at London clinics at the minute. Would you mind private messaging me the name of the clinic you are currently at? Maybe one for me list to avoid x


I’m in Surrey by Gatwick and when our journey started I spent a year looking at clinics. I went to all the top ones in London but didn’t get the right feel . We ended up using a clinic in Hertfordshire. Best decision it is a bit of a journey but felt so comfortable there xx

Frenchwife in reply to Jojo84

That is a long way- but I do think it’s important to feel right with your clinic. Thank you for the tip xx

Hey, I went to Concept fertility clinic in East Putney, they are an amazing team! The whole team from reception, to nurses to doctors made you feel like nothing was ever too much trouble and they have a 24 hour line if u need it. Also they don’t push any extra sales when it comes to add on’s, I have never felt like just a number attending that clinic!

That sounds like a really good experience - I’ll definitly look into them. Thank you xx

I would also recommend getting prescriptions for all the drugs and then buying them from ASDA, the drugs are cheaper and they charge no VAT.

Hi Frenchwife

Afraid my experience on the NHS in Glasgow i decided to go to Greece and have my Ivf dun and was treated very well and if i didn't understand they would tell me in a way i cud and it was a lot cheaper for treatment than here and it work first time and i am now 25 weeks +1 best of luck x

That’s interesting- I think we’ll try in london first but I wouldn’t rule out going abroad for future rounds glad to hear you had a good experience! Xx

I had cycle at the Lister-pleasant but bleh


ABCIVF-amazing!!!!! Love love love them and highly recommend them!

Thank you, that’s really helpful- Lister is our closest and have an open evening there soon, they are a big clinic so I’m afraid might not have the personal touch but the they have some excellent consultants... will check out Abc as well as that’s a very glowing recommendation!!! Xx

I have a daughter from lister and currently pregnant from ABC. Lister I felt like a number, didn’t have personalised treatment just followed the standard protocol and in my opinion was over stimulated for not enough time resulting in few quality eggs, ABC was so personalised I got max quality eggs which all fertilised and all froze perfectly! ARGC, started treatment and walked out half way as place is disgusting! They have the best results but no dignity and you are literally a production line! Most unpleasant experience for hubby (made to do his thing behind a curtain in a room full of people) and I! I believe my results at 39 are purely down to ABC knowing exactly what they’re doing and they’re still emailing and texting to find out how me and baby are doing 13 weeks down! Amazing clinic! Good luck!

I’m at Zita west and all good so far, very comprehensive. Was at Argc and less personal and comprehensive in my opinion. Best of luck choosing somewhere!

Thanks for the tips, I was wondering about Zita West as I’ve read some of the books but worried that the high profile of the clinic mean it costs a lot more- does it seem reasonable to you so far? Xx

Argc is the most expensive, lister and Zita about the same. ABC for complete IVF with ICSI and all meds £3800

I’d say on par with lister and much cheaper than Argc. They do package blood tests rather than paying each time and every day at Argc. X

I had ivf at Chelsea Westminster hospital and the team was amazing. This was on the NHS but they do private too. We’ll soon have our baby and will come back private for the next one!

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