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Hi all. Ive been so fortunate to get my BFP yesterday on my OTD! Its not quite sunk in yet at all! Im a very visual person and so I have downloaded an app to learn more about whats happening to my lil one on board. However it works out which week im on by the first date of my last period which would put me at 5 weeks andabut due date 22 nov but surely im not that far gone due to the ivf. I had a 5dt on 14th March. Can anyone help me figure it all out please? Or am I confusing myself?

Thanks in advance.

I hope every ones being kind to themselves today xxx

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Congratulations on your BFP!! I had a 5dt on 13th and am 4+6.. I used the attached to calculate as it works it out slightly different with IVF.. Best wishes for a happy & healthy pregnancy xx


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Thanks jenjen84. Congratulations to you too! We are a day a part! Thank you for the link, very helpful. Best wishes to you too xx

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Thank you for this link, very helpful! I've also been confused as to what date to put . I think I had worked it out correctly but this link verifies my calculations. Its confusing as you pretty much need to add 2 weeks on to how far you really are xx

When I got my BFP I downloaded an app because I wanted to see and read about what could be going on in there too!

I had my EC on the 1st of March and my app says that I’d be due on 21st Nov, so I’m 6 weeks today. As it happens my IVF cycle was exactly the same as what my natural cycle would have been (EC on what would have been ovulation day) so I’ve input the first day of my period to work due date out that way, but if you google ‘ivf due date calculator’ that will help you work out a due date by using the date you had egg collection. This gave the same date as the other calculator did for me, but it may make a difference for you.

Hope the next few weeks go by quickly and smoothly for you!! Xx

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Thanks CJones40. Congratulations on your BFP! Thank you for the advise! All the best to you too x

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I’ve just realised that I didn’t even congratulate you in my first post!! Huge congratulations!!! Enjoy celebrating those 2 lines! Xx

Congratulations on your BFP wonderful news. Can’t advise over ie due date with IVF. Wishing you the best with your pregnancy enjoy every moment xoxo

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Thank you hess1981!its so surreal!x

On egg collection date, you would be classed at 2 weeks :-)

Congratulations, amazing news. xxx


Many congratulations!! Just wonderful and positive seeing so many BPFs x

Congratulations hun xx

Type in “ivf due date calculator” onto google. This will give you a more accurate prediction. Congratulations on your bfp xx

Congrats on the BFP!! 😁


I was confused by this too and was told by the clinic to use the collection date. Still doesn’t make sense but I’ll go with it. My little bubs is 4wks+1. 😁

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So apparently im 4+5! Congratulations!x

Congratulations to you, honey! This is fantastic news. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for sharing it with us. I would suggest visiting your doctor for such questions. They do give the best advice! Here's to hoping for a perfect and healthy pregnancy.

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Thank you gertiee!!x

Massive congrats on your BFP hun - glad you have some answers on here re- due date 👍 I’m using an app too - called ‘Pregnancy+‘ what one are you using? Any good? X

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Its called pregnancy. Its an android app. Its a green background with two lil white baby feet. It appears to be quite good so far. It gives you measurements and whats happening with the lil peanut also weight tracker, kegel exercises, what to eat etc.x

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That’s great, I’ll see if I can get it on my IOS x

Congratulations hun ace news 🙌🙌 I use an app for mine def v exciting to see what meant to be happening. ☺️

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Amazing news! Congratulations. I had no clue how to work mine out but clinic booked me in for 7 week scan 3 weeks after test date (14 days post 5dt) so take it I was 4 weeks when I found out 😊

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Thank you!its so exciting!x

Congrats!!!!! X

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Thank you! And to you!x

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