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What should my hcg b at 11dp5dt


Hi ya i got my blood taken yesterday at 11dp5t and my hcg came back today at 568? My Dr said she wasnt sure about what they should b but 'thought' it seemed good. Can Anyone enlighten me if this low, normal or high? Getting it taken again tomorrow at 13dp and hoping for an increase. Feeling very anxious.

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That’s good numbers

Littleflower82 in reply to Hidden

Is it,? Thanks, I really have no idea, tried to Google but cud only c ppl saying some was between 2k and 3k. They were 4 weeks and 2 days in. Im classed as 4 weeks now I think.

Over 25 is positive for pregnancy, so this is really good. It's supposed to double roughly every 2 days so embryo has been implanted and developing for a while by the looks of it and I don't think you need to feel anxious (although I know that's hard to avoid at this stage!!) Hope things continue to go well xxx

Thank u. I am getting it checked again tomorrow, so b hoping to c an increase. Dr said she did b surprised if it doubled in 48hrs but an increase should def b showing.

I think the 2-day thing is a rule of thumb and everybody is a bit different - at 14dp5dt mine was 4,300!!! We thought it was going to be twins but it's only one - I guess she implanted really quickly. As long as it shows a good increase tomorrow, which I'm sure it will, you know embryo is developing away nicely in there xxx

Wow! That was great! Did u have 2 transferred? I had 2 5 day blasts transferred. Hope u are going well over half way there :-) exciting xx

Yeah, we transferred two 5 day blasts, same as you. I'm 22 weeks today and feeling really well :)

Are they giving you a scan at 6/7 weeks? That will ease your mind that everything is going well in there xxx

Yeah get a scan at 6/7 weeks. They said 3 weeks from my test date so I assume that is about 6 weeks.

I c ur bloods were 4300, that was amazing! Do u remember how far u were at that stage?

Mine was 3733 15dp5dt. Unfortunately I haven’t had any more tests before or after but your beta is very good. If you had 2 transferred, then it might be that both took. My scan is next Friday and I will find out then if there is 1 or 2. 🤭 best wishes XX

2 did b a complete steak but I would more than thankful for one even. That was a high beta, had u 2 transferred? Good luck for your scan, will b interested to hear xx

Yes, I had 2 transferred but to be honest I’ve never believed that 2 could take. I guess your beta would be similar to mine by 15dpt. My doctor however says that beta ranges are very wide and individual and we won’t know if it it’s 1 or 2 until the scan. Struggling with the wait! xx

Not long now, just over a week, how have u been feeling any symptoms? Wud u like twins? I just sent my form back to say pregnant yesterday so my scan will b at least 3 weeks away 🙏 It is going to b the longest 3 weeks!! I'm off work this week but think I will go back next week as it will make the time go quicker hopefully. Can't wait to hear how u get on now 😍

Yes, I’m very tired and having very early nights. I don’t have much appetite either. And feeling twinges in my uterus. I’m coming to the office as it certainly helps my head. I think I would prefer 1 but if it’s 2, it might be our only chance to have 2 children. I just want them to be healthy. I will be looking out for your updates. Yes, 3 weeks is even longer but it will pass quickly once you go back to work xxx

I had a reading of 409.2 on day 11 of one of my bfps but it was 600 with this pregnancy. I think you have good strong numbers xx

Thank u, one of my cp's my b saying was only 102 but that was 14dp3dt. Im happy with the numbers now just hoping they rise tomorrow x

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