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**** sensitive post***


7 weeks scan today! And I honestly can’t believe we are have having TWINS!!! Over the moon and can’t wait till next week to see them again

2 very strong heartbeats and everything looking perfect!

Positive vibes to everyone still going through there cycle good luck with it! Miracles really do happen!!!

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Wow, how lovely and exciting xx congratulations xx

Brilliant news. Double congratulations 😊 x

The biggest congratulations!!!!!!!! I hope your little ones keep being nice and strong, an imagine of how strong there momma bear has had to be through getting the little beans in there! Xxxx big loves

This is beautiful - congratulations on your positive. Its nice to see ladies get a positive outcome. <3 Can I ask if you chose to have 2 embryos transferred? or did the consultant decide? x

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As one was good and they weren’t sure about the second they advised to put it back in as they could freeze it so it would have just gone in the bin xx

Militarywife7 in reply to Hidden

Wow thats amazing, I have always thought about having two transferred. I would definitely opt for it if it were an option as they usually tell you to have one. Wishing you a wonderful and healthy pregnancy xx

Congratulations! Xxx

Ahhhhh this is amazing... how beautiful... congratulations. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

Massive congratulations to you both xx

Wow! Did you have 2 or 3 put in? Or one that split?! Double congrats x

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Thank you :) and we put 2 back in x

Wow!!! Congratulations ❤️❤️

Wishing you a healthy, smooth pregnancy xx

Wow! 💛 Massive congratulations on your scan & those two precious little ones - such good news xx

Yay that awesome. Best wishes for rest of ur pregnancy x

I remember your asking about 1 or 2. I think i would have gone with the same decision if one would have been discarded rather than frozen. Hope your pregnancy goes well and the husband is over the shock x

Congratulations, how exciting!!xx

Such amazing news! Congratulations

Congratulations 😍xxx

Congratulations xxx

Double Congratulations! 👶🏻👶🏻Wishing you the best with your pregnancy ❤️❤️xoxo

Aw fantastic!!!! What wonderful news, congratulations 💕💕 xxx

Amazing news. Many congratulations xx

Congrats! I am also having twins from my IVF round. My single embryo split :). Good luck with your pregnancy. Definitely exciting times ahead x

Congratulations xx

Congratulations to u. It’s so exciting to have twins. I hope all goes well for u and the babies. I had twins but one passed away 3 weeks ago. Let us kno how ur getting on. ❤️❤️

Wonderful news, congrats

That's amazing. Congratulations xx

Wow congratulations! What a blessing! Take care x

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