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#sensitive# OTD - 14dp3dt - BFP!!!!


Hi ladies,

Have done tests this morning and to my total shock we are pregnant!!!!! Really hasn't sunk in!!! Still having cramps and having some pain in left ovary area, but it's a positive so we are still in the game!!!! Thanks for all your support! Good luck to everyone else x x x x

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Congratulations! Well done!xx

That’s wonderful news!!! I was reading your posts this morning. Thanks for sharing your inspiring message. We start our treatment today!! Xxxxx

Brilliant news. Been keeping an eye out for a post. Congratulations xx

Congratulations 😊😊xox

Woohoo fantastic news!!! Congrats! 🙌👌👍xxx

Omg omg!!!! I’m so happy for you! 💛 Massive congratulations - thanks for sharing the news! There you go - you we’re always in the game 😃 I bet you don’t know what to do with yourself today?! Xxx

I'm in utter shock! Hoping the cramps I have are normal now x x

I think you have your answer on that stick! 😉 Hope things keep going well for you xx

Thank you, hope you're ok! Keep me updated x x

Will do - good news is that all 6 have divided, just have to see how things look with them on transfer day (Saturday). Xx

Just to reassure you that cramps are totally normal in pregnancy it’s where baby is growing & uterus is stretching. I have lots & am 22 weeks. As long as it’s not severe & accompanied with heavy bleeding try not to worry . Congratulations again xoxo

Many congrats! Wonderful news. xx

Fantastic been waiting for your result! So chuffed for you xx

Ah massive congratulations, I have been checking all morning for ur post. Great news x

Congratulations!! Xxx

Congratulations!! Xx

Congrats! Amazing news!!! Xxx

Brilliant news.... congratulations xxx

Oh my god. I’m over the moon for you 💗

Massive congratulations 🎈 xxxx

This is amazing news! Was waiting for an update from you. Huge congratulations, so happy for you! Xx

Ah wonderful news. 🙏🏻❤️

Congrats!! Was your little one a 6 day transfer??? So pleased. Well done my love

in reply to leo1980

Hiya, it was a 3 day transfer x

Many congratulations xxx

Oh wow congratulations I’m glad you got your bfp 😁. Hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy xx

Wow thats such lovely news, congratulations :) x

yay congratulations xo

Awh what wonderful news! Congratulations my lovely! 🥳

Great news! Congratulations and happy and healthy nine months 😍😊🤗xxx

Brilliant! Congratulations on your bfp xx

Lovely news, so delighted for you. Congratulations 😘Haha it will take a while to sink in! Best feeling in the world enjoy this moment 😍✨❤️ xoxo

Congratulations 😊

Great news!

Congratulations!!!! Bless you and the little ones

Congrats xx

Congratulations fantastic news!!xx

Lovely news. Congratulations 😊 x

I’m soo soo happy for you!! Amazing news. Congratulations xx

Congratulations x

Congratulations!!!!! I’m so pleased for you 😁😊👏🏻👏🏻 xx

Yay. That's brilliant. Congratulations xx

Congratulations xx


How long did you try for? Was this ivf

We started trying 6 years ago, had an early miscarriage 5 years ago. This is our 2nd icsi cycle x


So pleased for you congratulations.x

Thanks everyone for their lovely comments. Still can't believe it! Now I'm just petrified of it not progressing. Been told I've got a scan in 3 weeks, and then should be measuring 7 weeks. When I had my miscarriage the embryo only measured 6 weeks when I should have been 8, it had a heartbeat but I knew something was wrong. Then the following week it had died. So scared it'll go wrong again!! Don't know how I would cope with that. I'm still having cramps. Clinic reassured me, but had cramps the whole time before my miscarriage. Hoping this time it's just the progesterone. Gonna be a long 3 weeks!!!! X x x


Hi hopeful. Well done you! Fingers crossed all continues unhindered. Good luck! Diane

Just seen your post. That is fantastic news! Congratulations! Glad to have shared the 2ww with you! Wishing you all the best for the next wait! Really exciting Xxx

Thank you, I hope you are ok x x I'm in denial at the moment I think. And I'm having quite bad cramps which is worrying me x x

I'm doing OK. Sounds like the cramps are either a good sign of all the changes going on in your body and /or the progesterone. Hope you can have a celebration with your husband and start to enjoy the moment xxx

Thank you. I had been following you, hadn't seen any recent updates, take care of yourself x x

Yes, no news at the moment. Waiting to discuss what to do next with the consultant on 11th after bfn this cycle. I think it will just be the same again but I might have to start thinking of maybe using a donor egg as the statistics go from about 15 to 20 percent success for my age to almost 50 percent. There's so many things to think about xxx

I'm sorry about your negative. Take it easy, and take time to look after yourself. Good luck with your next plan, hope you get a positive result soon x x

Thank you xxx


Best of luck with your pregnancy!

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