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Positive story reques please


Hi All

Has anyone had a successful pregnancy with endromisosis. I did some reading about how this impacts implantation and it’s made me really depressed. Any positive stories will help please

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Hi- I have had 2 successful pregnancies. I have severe endometriosis and cysts on both ovaries . It took almost 3yrs to conceive my 2nd but it happened and I am thankful for my two beautiful girls XX

Rainbowhope in reply to Rehanat

Thanks for you message and thank God for you girls. X

I have endo and first time icsi ivf was a success.

Not enough is known about endo for anyone to say for sure how it effects fertility and implantation. All theory x

Yes check out Jesse she had rotten time with endo and currently pregnant. 😀

I’ve been pregnant twice. Severe endo, cysts, kissing ovaries, tilted womb, blocked tubes but 3 beautiful boys.

Good luck x

kitscat in reply to Bobenhams3

Gosh this is amazing! Can I ask what your AMH was? Xxx

I am pregnant now through ivf. Severe endo, chocolate cycts, kissing ovaries, tilted backwards womb, had to have both tubes removed from damage. Best wishes x

Thanks you ladies very much. This makes me feel much better.

Hey Hun I just had a baby last month on my 3rd IVF. I had my NK cells tested at Coventry and Warwickshire hospital as I had read people with endometriosis have high NK cells. I honestly feel that by doing this test my pregnancy was a success. Please feel free to read my old posts for my journey x

Yes me, I fell naturally and had a little boy. Things haven’t been quite so plain sailing since and I’ve struggled to conceive again, my infertility is unexplained but I also have endometriosis so hope this helps xx

I had a successful 1st round of ivf and fell pregnant naturally with my second. I had been trying for years before so please don't loose hope. My issue with endometriosis was that one of my tubes were blocked and eggs were not great. I don't really know about implantation - I suppose it depends on where the endometriosis is. It's horrible as each woman's case different and there are not really any set rules.

All the best in your journey.

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