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Help with Menopur injection!?


Hi everyone,

I’m having a bit of a panic. I’m currently on a 150 dose of menopur for my 1st IVF cycle. Most nights the solution has always filled between 0.5 and 0.75ml of the syringe. However tonight there was hardly anything in the needle, probably half the dose if I’m being generous.

We did not lose any of it but I’m worried that this might not be enough. Should I do another one just in case?

Sorry, this might be a really daft question. I am suffering from the worst hormone brain at the moment lol

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Hi do you have the dry vials to which you add the saline? I added 1ml to the first vial, withdrew it then added this to the next vial and this was what I injected. Did you definitely add the correct amount of saline? Could this be why you had less? The active ingredient is in the dry vial so I wouldn’t do another without checking with the clinic if you didn’t lose any xx

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Yes that’s what I have and have done the same as you with the 2 vials. The end solution has varied but has never amounted to less than 0.5ml. There was hardly anything in the needle x

Did you remember to flick the saline vial before breaking it? If not, and there's an air bubble in the middle, then some of the liquid can stay stuck in the top half. Could that be what happened? Obviously check with your clinic, but the dry part is what's important and you've injected that so I would think it'll be ok. Best of luck with it xxx

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