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Feeling low 😢😢😢


Been Tcc since last August every month goes by feels like it’s never gonna happen this is the first time I’ve posted been on here a while following people’s journeys.

Came of tamoxifen last May for a break to have a baby. I’ve been on it for 5 years after finding out I had beast cancer at 31,had a miscarriage in October every month goes by and I’m coming on my period getting upset.Anybody else feel like this I’ve had all blood tests and checks my AMH is 10.7 which is on the lower side is there anything I can take to improve or anybody I’m a similar situation.

Much lv



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HI Kate,

Sorry to hear you are struggling, you've obviously had a lot to deal with with your breast cancer and then losing a pregnancy.

It sounds like there are definitely some positives though even if it feels like you're not getting anywhere. The pregnancy you lost shows that you can conceive naturally, and I wouldn't worry too much about your AMH if you are having regular periods - 10.7 isn't too bad at all. Keep having very regular sex, and in the meantime see if your GP will refer you for more investigations. Usually you have to have been trying for 12 months before they'll see you but with your history they may be happy to refer you to a consultant earlier.

In terms of what you can do yourself it's really just a case of making sure you have a healthy lifestyle - regular exercise, a good balanced diet and taking a conception specific multi vitamin won't do any harm if youre not already taking one.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your reply KW83 I’ve been referred to fertility clinic at the woman’s had all test done and an internal all came back normal I think it’s me over thinking and wanting it so badly to happen it feels like it’s taking longer.

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Oh OK, that's good that you've had lots of tests alteady. Have they given you any sort of plan going forward? Do they want you to try naturally for a bit longer before looking at any treatment? It is really hard when you feel like you're just waiting - I'm sure pretty much everyone on here would agree that when you're in this process you have times when it feels like you're just wishing your life away to get to the next appointment. I found that having something else to focus on sometimes (mine was exercise and climbing goals but could be many things!) helps to feel like there is something else positive in your life as well. X

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