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Fluid in lining....AGAIN!any suggestions welcome!!


So I had my lining scan on Monday and the dreaded fluid is there...I have to return for another scan on Monday to see if it has miraculously disappeared although this is the 4th time and it has been cancelled at that stage every time!any suggestions on how to get rid of the fluid?

I am on vitamin e tablets,also trying cough medicine this week,no baths,no caffeine.....

I am desperate!

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This was exactly what kept happening to me last year, I ended up having 2 hysteroscopy’s and they removed a polyp finally after that the fluid went. Maybe check with them there isn’t a polyp or something causing the fluid x

Mclat in reply to E_05

I had a polyp removed in October and they thought that would sort it but as t turns out it obviously wasn’t the polyp causing the fluid :(

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