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Looking for advice please

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Morning everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

I’ve now had 2 bfn’s, the first from a fresh transfer and the second from a frozen transfer before Christmas. I’m feeling very apprehensive about doing our next FET (we luckily still have 2 Frosties)

We go for our follow up appointment on the 14th to discuss our failed FET. What should I be asking now I’ve had two negatives? Is there anything I can ask them to look into to see if there are any problems with implantation etc? Or is it highly likely that we’ve just been unlucky both times?

Also is there anything that I can do to help with our chances next time? Anything that you might have taken to give you that bfp after bfn’s beforehand?

I hope that Christmas wishes have been coming true for you all.

Sending love and positivity xx

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Hi hunny, if you contact Diane (the midwife on here) I think she has a pre prepared list of questions that you can take with you which is really useful. As to what to change next for your next cycle, I’m afraid I’m no use at all as I ask myself the same question!! I was sooo good on my first round, decaf everything for a year, no drinking at all 4 months before, lost over a stone, took all my vitimins and we went through egg collection and every follicle was empty!! So this time around I’m being much more relaxed, the odd proper coffee, a couple of drinks a week, still on vitimins but relaxed the diet a bit and not putting myself under so much pressure this time. I’m on down reg at the moment so I’ll let you know if the slightly more relaxed approach works!! X x x

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Thank you for taking the time to reply to me xx

I agree, Diane has a really comprehensive set of questions that you can take with you which may help probe the consutlant a bit more. I took the ones I specifically wanted to ask written down to remember what they were or highlight them on the page, its so easy to get distracted during these discussions. I could well be that you've just been unlucky, I feel that IVF is a massive lottery and the odds are sadly not in our favour. I had a few extra tests like testing for blood clotting issues to see if you require blood thinners, a hysteroscopy done to check my womb.....may be worth asking if they would do these things?! The other things were my thyroid was a little high which was also affecting my prolactin levels so you could check your bloods were all up to date and this was checked. Best of luck.xx

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Jebby86 in reply to Cinderella5

This is really helpful, thank you xx

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