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First Menopur injection given tonight (05.01.19) anyone else starting there treatment cycle today and any tips on how to stop stressing!?



Day 2 of my cycle today which means I have given my first Menopur injection (150iu) tonight.. Just wondering if anyone else has started their treatment today?

It's my first cycle and even though everyone says "Just don't think about it, take every day as it comes".... it is actually ALL I can think about. I'm constantly having the battle with myself, to stay postive but then also not get my hopes up.

Any tips on how to stop stressing about it all... because if it doesn't settle down it is going to be a long 4 weeks hahaa.

Thanks in advance!


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Hey! Good luck for starting today!

It’s easier said than done of course but try to keep your mind occupied. Yoga/mediation really helps with stress. Also if you haven’t tried already, acupuncture. It’s really helped my anxiety and stress levels for our second round and I feel so much more calm rather than stressing about every twinge wondering if there’s something wrong. You’ve got this! Take a deep breath and just go with it ❤️🤗 xx

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Thank you soo much for your comforting and encouraging words!

I've deleted social media from my phone for a while (3 people announced their pregnancies on NYE alone) and I've stocked up on plenty of book to try to keep myself occupied and distracted.

It's just harder at the moment, being on my period and having endometriosis it floors me so I'm basically bed bound which means more time to think haha.

Thanks again and sending lots of luck and love to you wherever you are at in your treatment!


I feel your pain there. I’ve had a few pregnancy announcements around me recently especially a close friend who started trying the same time I started treatment last year and she’s due next month now. It’s a killer but I’m happy for her and it does feel Abit soul destroying especially around this time when you go through this process.

Could you have Netflix binge that always seems to take the focus away from thinking about ivf for an hour or two? Dog walks or anything?

I’m on day 10 of injections now, egg collection next week 🤞 keep me posted how you get on. Here to chat if you need to private message 🤗 xx

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I know right! I'm not a jealous person and am happy for people (most people) when they announce their pregnancy. However, I just didn't want anything to tip me over the edge.

Thanks for your tips and good luck for your egg collection next week fingers crossed for you.

Thank you again! Same to you ❤

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