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2019 baby dust to all who r trying to conceive

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After coming to this site....I understand it's not only me suffering to have a baby very soon......Baby dust to all friends Trying to get pregnant .....Praying to God taht this 2019 must be a successful year for all of us...Let all our heart breaking feel fly off with this year 2018...Let's keep a strong mind that we will conceive and get delivered baby by Dec 2019 and start this new year happily

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Here's to a successful and happy 2019.

Merry Christmas x

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Mona, great post. God bless you!

are you doing anything specific in the effort to conceive?

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Mona12345 in reply to hlthylife

Yeah sorry for delay....Today it's my 11th day after transfer. . waiting for sat for beta hcg

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