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Dexa bone scan before ivf?


I’ve got to have a dexa bone scan in jan but am due to start another ivf in feb. I know that it’s not advised during pregnancy but I wonder if I should delay it until after the ivf ? Guess I’m concerned about the X-rays affecting egg health.

Has anyone else gone ahead with this or similar before ivf? I’ve not yet spoken to my clinic about it so could do that.

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I know that radiation from x-rays can give a small chance of harm to unborn babies but Im not sure if it would be a problem prior to starting treatment for egg quality, the amount of radiation used is pretty small. I would speak to your clinic and get their opinion and if they say ok then I guess its your decision again. However if you think you will have regrets and its not urgent then putting it off may be the think to do. See what your clinic say first so you know if there is a decision to be made in the first place.xx

Thank you much for your reply. Yes sounds best to talk to doctors at my clinic. I don’t think the scan is urgent so can always delay it if need to. Guess I’m just worrying about it but can always delay it.

Best wishes x

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