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IVF - 1. genetic testing? 2. Two embryos rather than one? 3. How did you get your medication?


We are at the start of the IVF journey - I have my baseline scan and nurse appointment this week and then we just have to wait for my cycle to start and we can get this underway.

I guess this is a question for my Doc but as I am an impatient person I thought I would ask here. 1. Are the embryo's chromosome tested before being transferred or is the fact that they are growing and strong, sign enough? 2. Also the Doc says transferring two is better as you get a better outcome. What happens to the other embryo that doesn't make it? Sounds awful to me. 3. How did you get your medication? Our clinic has said in the post - but I am worried about how reliable this is and the speed it will be delivered.

I always get asked - do you have any questions? - and can never think of any until long after the appointment!

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Our clinic used time lapse imaging to ensure our embryo developed normally, genetic screening I believe comes at an extra cost, we were allowed only one top grade embryo back because I am under 35, i think different clinics have different criteria, if the embryos were of a lower grade we could have chosen to have 2. Our remaining embryos are frozen. Our drugs were delivered by ? Stork who contacted me for payment then arranged a time and date with me (some had to be refrigerated) xx

We've done IVF for a few years now so I think I can answer your questions

1- Genetic testing is an option on the growing embryo's. It's only really done if you are over 37 (so more likely to produce eggs with issues) , or have genetic disorders you or your partner could pass onto your children.

2 - Transferring 2 is the norm if women are over 37, but there are risks with carrying twins and of course one embryo failing can sometimes effect the living embryo, its very rare though,

3 - The medication is a specialist courier, they are very efficient and will call to arrange delivery. Sometimes it can work out cheaper to get them all from Asda clinic, we did that for one cycle, but didn't bother for the others as the savings weren't huge.

GOod luck with your cycle

SVR28 in reply to Billywhizz10

Thanks for the info - that is really useful. Good to know about the drugs. How bad are the injections really...?

I had my baseline scan today and spoke to my doc about the genetic testing thing. She said it was incredibly expensive, not commonly done and not something she would, personally, recommend as to test the embryo you have to remove a cell which, in itself, by interfering with the embryo, may make it not viable. So that all made sense to me.

I'm scared and excited all at the same time! Best wishes to you x

Billywhizz10 in reply to SVR28

My wife never had issues with the injections, try and relax as much as you can, yoga is good.

Best of luck to you x

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