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Should I take prenatal vitamins preparing for IVF?


Hi girls. I am having IVF in December and I am taking folic acid only. Did u girls take any additional prenatal vitamins to maximise ur IVF result and further support pregnancy? Tnx

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I just take a pre-natal vitamin that has folic acid in it. Just a supermarket brand one, been taking it for a few years, as recommended by my doctor x

I've not gotten pregnant but my consultant only told me to take vitamin D3 and folic acid, nothing else and was quite adamant on that. Xxx

Hi Misheel. For my first two icsi cycles I only took folic acid and unfortunately didn’t get any good quality embryos to transfer. I changed clinic for our third icsi round and they put me on lots of vitamins. I was taking Vitamin B complex.

Vitamin D3. Folic acid 5mg Calcium 500mg. That third round we actually got to a transfer but unfortunately it was a bfn.

I’m now preparing for my fourth round I’m taking all the vitamins that I’ve listed already and have add 600mg CoQ10 my clinic and other ladies highly recommended it to help with egg quality.

You should read the book “It starts with the egg” I wish I had read it before I started ivf. It’s full of very useful information and goes through all vitamins.

Hope this helps, good luck 🍀

Misheel in reply to TeenyTiny

Tnx for ur valuable advice. I will read that, and now i am thinking to have those prenatal vitamins. Cheers

TeenyTiny in reply to Misheel

No probs at all. But defo give that book a go. One of the ladies recommended it to me after my third failed round and I learnt so much from it. It’s amazing how much you learn after each failed round and you only wish you had all that information at the very start. Try the audio version of the book. Also the start is very heavy but stick with it, it is well worth the read and you will be a wealth of knowledge after it 👍

Hi Misheel,

I take fish oil, pregnaplan and CoQ10. I’ve started having acupuncture and my acupuncturist recommended them 😊 We’re due to start our second round of ICSI at the end of the month so I’m hoping they help! Good luck with your journey 😊💕 xxx

Multivitamin for women with folic acid, vitamin d, vitamin c with coenzyme q10, cod liver oil and this time baby aspirin too x

(On top of which I am taking a spirulina supplement and garlic capsules - garlic capsules was more to ward off mosquitos bites but there don't seem to be any this time which is great xx

Everyone trying for a baby should take vitamin d as well as folic acid. You can buy it combined with folic acid from Seven Seas or as a separate supplement.

I took a simple fertility/pregnancy all in one supplement from Superdrug throughout the whole cycle ( it was clomid after surgery) I then switched to pregnacare after my positive test xoxo 😘

My consultant also advises vitamin D and folic acid only and told me specifically not to take a multi vitamin (I was on pregnacare conception at the time). I’m taking ubiquinol (easier for the body to absorb than coq10) and also DHEA in prep for my next cycle but can’t say at this stage whether they have had any benefit for me x

I was told to take pregnacare,or something like it,but they actually mentioned it so that's what I take.xo

Hey. I took the pregnacare pre-conceive vitamins. Had everything recommended for conception in it as well as the folic acid. After the positive result I moved onto pregnacare originals. Good luck x

Hi Misheel, I'm also having my FET in Dec! I've been taking pregnacare preconception and also eating foods high in folic acid like eggs,spinach,avocados and bananas.

Good luck with your cycle xx

It’s fine to take only folic acid but ideally you should add in a vitamin D supplement too. Alternatively you can take an otc trying to conceive or pre-conception all in one which will cover all bases xx

My GP and the consultants at the sub-fertility and IVF clinics (6 people in total!) suggested only folic acid and vitamin D for me (I am vitD deficient) and nothing for my partner. On the other hand, we are taking Boots His&Hers conception Support just to feel that we are doing something :)

Not doing ivf but I’m taking 50mg dhea 600mg ubiquinol 20mg pqq 500mg royal jelly 1500mg maca then take 2 folic acid vit c, d omega 3, zinc and if I have them a prenatal. Do I feel any different no! Do they help 🤷🏻‍♀️ I might cut the dhea after this last bottle as I’ll have done 3 mths drinking pomegranate juice eating as much fruit and veg as I can aswel.

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