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AMH tests and SA

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Hi there, I'm awaiting my NHS appointment to fertility clinic, and prepping everything for my appointment (I've had some private treatment/ investigation only this year Inc a lap&dye) my question is AMH tests - do you pay for these on the NHS too, I recollect reading something about this before? If so could you tell me how much they cost? I'm considering getting it sorted privately before hand.

Secondly my OH has had 2 SA tests a year ago and in July. He's been taking stuff and we ideally would like to go with another SA test results to our appointment at end of Nov . don't want to ask the GP for another one (I know they say 2 is enough) as it was such a saga in the summer getting test booked and result got lost for weeks etc. can't be doing with that. So my question is does anyone know a clinic in SE London/border of Kent they would recommend for a private SA. If so please DM

Thanks all

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The NHS do your AMH test as part of your treatment....or at least my NHS did. They also usually check SA results so they are up to date too so Im not sure if I'd bother paying for another. Wishing you lots of luck!xx

I believe to qualify for nhs treatment your amh must be tested and between a certain number.

They also have to do a SA test to fulfill the criteria before your nhs funding gets given.

My nhs funding took too long. It cam in last week but it’s still about 5-6 weeks before treatment would start which would mean I would be 40 and not qualify.

We applied for nhs fertility treatment at the end of jan this year.

Luckily we opted to go private and I’m now 10 weeks pregnant.

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I’m waiting also for IVF treatment from the NHS do you mind telling me what’s the process? Please thank you

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Hi yes,

I had to go to my gp first who ordered two blood tests to see how my hormones were, these are tested two times during the month to see if you’re ovulating etc. My husband went for a semen analysis. Plus also I had to have a std test too.

The results of all of that went to the local fertility consultant.

We then got a fertility assessment appt at the hospital, who ordered another blood test to check my AMH. They then explained the next step- what type of treatment. As there was nothing wrong with both of us the only option was ivf. We then chose what fertility clinic we would prefer to go to.

She said she would then send off the application to get nhs funding.

That was in April... as I said my nhs funding came through last week..

I say time wise prob all depends on your area and what funding they have for fertility.

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Oh wow it took 6 months for the funding, I’m at st Mary’s /Hammersmith hospital. Were you in that one too? I can’t wait another 6 months :( I will turn 40

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Yep I turn 40 in the 15th November the clinic once they get your funding take 6 weeks to get you started so I would not be eligible.

We had a feeling that would happen so we opted to go privately and stated in August.

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Wow well thank you, I will find out tomorrow what they say with my test.

Just last question so you were also at st Mary’s hospital?

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No I was at Pembury hospital in Kent

My AMH test wasn't covered by my NHS treatment so had to pay for it doing. I think it cost £70 or around that mark. Xx

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Hi LaurajaneF. More and more NHS clinics are checking AMH levels, so best to check with your CCG and see if they do at your clinic, or contact the clinic direct. Your partner's semen analysis will be done again I'm sure, as it has been a while since last done. Check with the clinic and good luck. Diane

Mine cost £60 and wasn't included as part of my NHS treatment.

My amh blood tests were paid for by the nhs when I was being considered for eligibility. When I did have an amh blood test at a private clinic, the nhs wouldn't accept the result as it was not carried out in their own lab, but the private clinic is regulated. They then did a further blood test (in the end ive had 3 on the nhs and 1 private). I would check with your CCG whether they accept private blood test results or whether they have to be carried out by their own or another clinic xx

Thanks so much for all the advice and experiences you guys - the font of collective knowledge!! Brilliant. I'll call CCG and get some info and then sit patiently.../impatiently

Yet again I am baffled as the inconsistencies of the these clinics ! I should be used to it by now!

Thanks all X

Thank you all again, I found out the NHS clinic I am going to will do AMH test included! I'll take that as a win! I deserve to I just picked up my day 2 bloods and found my FSH levels are 14.4 :( - I love the way the GP receptionist say - oh yes, all normal then you look at the results and see the exclamation marks next to the numbers and then you start researching...gahhh xxx

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