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Transfer of donated embryos - can I swim and sunbathe??

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Hi everyone

So for days ago I had a embryo donation transfer in Czech Republic 4 days ago.

My question is as I didn’t have any intrusive procedures I.E Egg collection, am I ok to swim and sunbathe?

We are currently in Croatia for a few days and I’m dying to go snorkelling. I’ve read some threads where it’s ok and others where it’s not??

Haven’t been in yet.. so confused??

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No swimming pools as there are chemicals in there! I had donor transfer and that was hospitals advise, they said going in the sea was ok as it’s only salt water but I was too scared so avoided the sea too and stuck to the showers by pool! I did lie in the sun though . Got my bfp xx good luck x

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Skybid in reply to Lollypop74

Congrats on your BFP! How long ago was your transfer?x

I was told only showers until after official test date so I would think no swimming or similar either. Xx

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I was told no swimming or baths till official test date. Sunbathing ok but be careful not to over heat your body either. Good luck x x

Definitely soak up the sun! I however got told no swimming, water up to the knees and showers only! Good luck!xx

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