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Need some positivity🙃


Hey I’m 21 years old. I went to the doctors when I was 13 years old as I had not started my period yet, the doctors spoke about POF but told me to come back for tests when I turn 15, as I did and was diagnosed with POF aged 15 years old with no known cause! How annoying is it not knowing a cause?😩 as I say I am now 21 and all my friends are having children, my sister has just had another child and I’m starting to really feel down. I know it’s horrible looking a such a sweet child and feeling nothing but angry/hatred/sad and heartache but knowning I will never convciece naturally has really hit me this past year and I feel like I’m slowly breaking. Need someone who is going through this to give me some positivity or some support as there’s only so much of I’m here for you, I understand and the best one “I’ll donate you my eggs if need be” I can take:( xx

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I obviously appreciate my friends and family who have said “I’ll donate my eggs if need be” I did not mean that in a cold hearted way🙈

Aww I'm so sorry to read this.

I'm not in the same situation but I can only imagine how you must feel.

Family and friends mean well but they don't really help when they say things like this. My sister's say the same to me and I it's annoying.

I have both of my tubes clipped and will not be able to concieve naturally, it's a life changing situation and hard to take.

If you can and if you think it would help, maybe you can explain that you don't find the comments helpful and that it upsets you.

Here in this forum we'll always support you and offer advice and maybe if you feel up to it, you could seek some professional counselling? I've not had it but some people here have and strongly recommend it.

Always here anytime you need to chat or rant. Xxx

Hi, sorry to hear your story. I’m not in the same situation as you but remember that being told I had less than 5% chance of conceiving naturally and that was hard enough so can only imagine how you are feeling. There are lots of ladies on this forum who are in or have been in similar positions to you and I’m sure they can give you some great advice. As genten said, I would also consider specialist fertility counselling to talk through how you are feeling. Remember though, just because you can’t conceive naturally doesn’t mean you can’t ever carry or have a baby. Donor eggs may not be anyone’s ideal choice and it will probably take you some time to get your head round using them, but my understanding is that with POF you have a good chance of success with them and as many ladies on here will testify, that baby will still be your baby, you can still experience being pregnant and will love and care for it in exactly the same way as if it were your own eggs.

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