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Sperm Donor confirmed!


We got the email to confirm our selected sperm donor.

I need to call the nurses today to book my orientation visit then we should be set to start our IUI cycle when my period comes at the end of the month.

I’m so excited but trying not to get my hopes up because I know we still have a long road to travel!

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That's great news, congratulations! :D That gets you one step closer to being a mom... hope everything speeds up and goes well from now on... fingers crossed.

A lot of people hesitate to bring on donor conception. Honestly, if you ask me even am a little indecisive about it... insecurities probably. I'm glad you could get past all the dilemmas and get going. Keep us posted! Hugs

Ajplus1 in reply to Katty_Holz

Thank you. We are super excited to have finally reached this stage xx

Great!!! Another step closer!!! 👍🏻xxx

Ajplus1 in reply to Sweets1


Yay. As has been said already - one step closer now. Hope all goes well xx

Ajplus1 in reply to Camillage

Thank you xx

Oh this is great news!

We can maybe be IUI buddies because I have literally just selected and paid for our donor sperm as well.

I feel randomly excited as it’s taken us so long to get here but we can finally get started 😊 x

Ajplus1 in reply to Kyell2

It definitely is long journey to get here. Fingers and toes crossed we both get our happy ending.

When are you starting your IUI cycle? Xx

Kyell2 in reply to Ajplus1

Well up to 4 weeks for it to be delivered to clinic and I think may mean I just miss the start of my period so probably December...although I’m reluctant to ruin Christmas.

How about you. Have you got a start date? X

Ajplus1 in reply to Kyell2

I have orientation with nurses tomorrow to get all my drugs. Starting IUI protocol when my period is due which is the 21st of Oct (hoping it’s not late cause I’ll be stressing haha)

We’ve decided that if it doesn’t work we will wait till the new year for the same reason. Xx

Kyell2 in reply to Ajplus1

I know, for the first time we now need to hope our periods arrive on time! I’m hoping our sperm delivers fast. My period is due 5th of November time so we may just have time if it does.

Are you doing a medicated IUI?

I wasn’t going to but I’ve now changed my mind and I’m going to do that to see if it increases my chances.

It’s all getting real isn’t it!! x

Ajplus1 in reply to Kyell2

I know right! Hopefully you will have enough time.

Yeah I am. It was advised as I have low AMH levels for my age. I am picking up my drugs today when I have my orientation visit with the nurses at the clinic.

It definitely it finally getting real. I can’t wait xx

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