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A negative experiences with overseas egg donor ivf clinics

My sister in-law is in an awful situation where her clinic in northern Cyprus has refused to work with them. This would be their second round with the clinic and they have 3 frozen embryos in the clinic.

The disagreement occurred because there was no break down provided for the invoice that was issued and this led to a bit of a heated disagreement. It’s an emotional time for couples and the clinic have not made any allowance for this and have just abandoned them. The UK clinic has been equally bad. When asked if there is another consultant they can work with they keep saying they will get back to her but a month has passed already and they feel like they are being fobbed off.

I know how I would feel if this was me bit they feel powerless to change the situation. Any advice welcome!

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It's good to know that your sister-in-law has you beside her... a concerned and caring person to seek out ways to help the distressed couple. My heart goes out to them. It's really heartbreaking how clinical people mistreat a condition and a clinic vouched to serve to aid only be at money snatching. The process of reproductive tourism is really risky for all these fraudulent reasons unless you land up with a really good clinic... which either need to much research n reviews and stuff from them, maybe a visit before finalising or pure luck. There's no words to console but I'd hope they could set up the FET within some alternative clinic... be in UK or elsewhere. Don't know whatever suits their plan and budget. May they find hope soon!

Was the invoice the same price they agreed prior to treatment? Do they feel they are getting overcharged ?

As Katty said, they can get the embryos sent to a new clinic ?

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I’m not sure bit anyone should be entitled to a breakdown.

They can’t even get an answer from the clinic and feel very vulnerable. Plus it’s probably going to cost a load more money

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I'm sorry to hear about that. The transport of the embryo's shouldn't cost too much, but they will need a licensed clinic to receive them if its coming back to the UK. Perhaps they can contact another Northern Cyprus clinic , who may at the very least offer good advice. Best of luck to her. x

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