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I have noticed a few people here commenting on posts which are quite old. I learned quite early on by accidentally doing the same thing. Please can we all check the dates of original posts before commenting. It is an easy mistake to make as for some reason (maybe to do with suggestions of similar posts at the bottom of the page) quite often older posts are somehow brought back into the feed.

I know nobody here would intentionally do comment on an old post so I thought it would be worth pointing out to all.

Big hugs and baby dust to everyone.


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Hi Camillage. Yes, that happened a lot when we had the surrogacy scammers advertising clinics abroad. They obviously search "surrogacy" and get loads of old posts pop up. Something we need to discuss when we have our meetings. Diane

I did it myself by mistake a couple of times when I first joined. I felt so bad for having done it. But it was a genuine mistake. Thought it would be useful for some newer people to realise. Everyone is so supportive and helpful to each other and wouldn't want to cause any anguish to people I am sure. There just seemed to be a few popping up over the last week and I don't think they were the scammers. Sometimes it is hard to tell though as they get more sophisticated I guess. Xx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Camillage

Indeed they do! Thank you for bringing it up anyway. Diane xx

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