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Felling overwhelmed


When your a mess of emotion anxious depressed snappy and tearful all at the same time and No one gets it and keeps telling you it will be worth it in the end then you have to explain in might not work then you they replie just try again and then you have to explain you only get one change on nhs and to fund it is almost impossible on your nursery nurses wage

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Oh hun I hear ya I had the exact same thing a couple days ago a few people saying "Oh it will all be worth it" or "you have to think positive!!" Grrr that one gets me the most...like ummm yep I thought positive the first round but here I am!! They just have no idea aye. Sending you big hugs xx we are all here for you xx

I no people are only trying to help but sometimes you just wished they’re not say anything at all big hugs back at you x

Yeah they are but it still does my head in I know exactly how you feel xxx

I have learnt so much about what not to say since reading the posts on here just want to send love and best wishes to you x

Oh gosh! I totally get this post!!

This is exactly how I feel at the moment and I really do feel for you.

Yes of course it will be worth it but there are no guarantees! All we can do is hope and try our best.

I hope you feel better soon (as much as you can). Xx

Same boat as you, so completely feeling you even have the same job.

It’s not easy at all and unless you’ve struggled or are struggling no one gets it they only see black and white and you know there is a multitude of grey.

Sending love and hugs xxx

Big hugs, I think safe to say that most of us feel exactly the same. Rant away, that's what we are here for xxx


Dear silent-one, I am sorry you feel so down. We rely on other people to support us but often they can hurt us because of that... they are not mean, I just think it's very hard to understand what we are going through in IVF, in fact I do not think I would understand myself if I wasn't... It's such a long and difficult journey. And it's totally ok to be upset, just maybe try to be aware that people won't always respond as you hope, but they are really just trying to help. And I think it's important to listen to yourself and your body and not to others when it comes to "should I go on or not"? You are the one going through this after all. Sending strength and courage xx

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