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Hi All :)

I'm currently in the 2ww after a natural FET. The evening of transfer I had some red gooey blood, I just thought it's most likely from my cervix due to the fact she struggled to get through. Anyway it stopped. Then on 3dp5dt & 4dp5dt I had red blood in the morning only, no clots or anything just red blood. I thought it was my period early and sort of resigned myself to the fact it hadn't worked again. I Had a bit of brown last night but this morning the bleeding seems to have stopped completely. I've not had any bleeding at all this morning so now I'm starting to get a glimmer of hope back. Has anybody else experienced this?

Thanks :) xxx

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Could be an implantation bleed or a bit of trauma from the procedure? Was this using your own eggs? New to this site looking for info on ovum donation or ideally ovum rejuvenation

I'm hoping so! yes it was using my own eggs. Sorry I don't know much about Ovum donation, but good luck with your journey xx

Good luck :) keep us updated x

I had some blood on transfer day this time around, because there was a small polyp on my cervix. I spotted every day in the tww. At this stage it’s hard to know what yours may be, could be implantation, could still be from being poked and prodded at transfer. Good luck though, nearly half way there! xx

Thank you for your reply! did you spot red blood or brown? and did you get your BFP? xxx

Red to start, well pink actually, then brown, then pink and back to brown again lol xx

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And no, this time I didn’t get my bfp sorry. My spotting was purely due to my cervix I guess xx

This journey is so tough isn't it :( sorry I've just read your story, you've had a rough ride :( wishing you lots of luck with your frosties! xxx

Thank you xx

Could be implantation as others have said, its really hard to guess in this 2ww! Wishing you loads of luck for OTD!xx

Thank you :) xxx

Fingers crossed its implantation bleeding. Hope the rest of your 2ww goes smoothly and you get your BFP. I'm having a natural FET transfer on Monday and the not taking any drugs is spinning me out I don't feel like I'm on a cycle! xxx

It is really strange! but I feel so much less emotional! All the drugs mess with your head and emotions. I know if I bled like this during my fresh transfer I would of been in bed all day crying!! but I just shrugged it off and thought 'what will be will be'! wishing you the best of luck for your FET! xxx

Yip agreed I definitely feel more relaxed! Huge luck to you xxx

Hi Gemma, have you had any cramps? I had some bleeding/pink yesterday am (6dp5dt) then nothing since. I was thinking it was game over,but now back on a more positive streak too! Join the crazy tww club x

No cramping as such, the odd sharp twinge but that was it. I’ve actually now got my BFP!! ❤️ Hope you get your’s too. Sounds promising that the bleeding has stopped xxx

Congratulations! That's brilliant news. Gives me some hope too, although my boob soreness has dropped off so thinking that could be it. Wishing you all the best xx

My boob’s arn’t really that sore either this time. They just feel heavy. I got nice strong lines so praying it stays 💕. Good luck to you xxx

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