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Hi all,

We had our 1st frozen transfer yesterday, turns out that my partner and I ended up getting what we wanted. I wanted a scan before transfer but didn't want to ask lol and my partner said months ago that he wanted the Dr to do our transfer (we have been with this Dr since my failed fresh transfer). Anyway the transfer took an hour as the nurses found it difficult to get the catheter all the way in so we had to have a 5 minute break half way through to wait for the doctor to come in, he ended up doing the transfer, he found it difficult so brought the scan machine in and did it in seconds.

We came away feeling alot more positive but I have been camping really bad, my natural period cycle is also due and this coming has worried me even though the clinic said it will be delayed until my body recognises a pregnancy or not. I didn't experience this much cramping the first time, I'm stupidly thinking if my posture is right and if it will make a difference lol.

Anyone had really bad AF like cramps and still have a positive outcome? I am hoping the pain doesn't affect implantation.

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Maybe some of the cramping is from all that poking and prodding you experienced.. Mid tww af cramping has always been a good sign for me. Yours won’t obviously be due to implantation yet but if you’re on progesterone that would delay af so she shouldn’t show her ugly face either. Progesterone can also cause cramping. Good luck xx

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Thank you. It's such a confusing time feeling every twitch and twinge. So sorry to hear of your news, hope you are taking time for yourself. Xxx

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I’m ok.

Take it easy. The tww is hard and will play tricks on you xx

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