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Trying for a baby


Hello looking for some advice I've had lletz treatment 3 weeks ago now due to abnormal cells on my smears the last 3 year's.

I spoke with my consultant regarding trying for s baby and he advised to stay on my pill as I was due to come off 2 days after the op so I carried on taking the 2nd packet and he said when this packet ends and I've had my normal period I can start trying.


Will I get a normal period

Were due on holiday in September and want to start trying then

I've got ovulation tests will they help

Thanks in advance


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Just want to wish you good luck and hope you have a lovely holiday x

Hi girl. I know it must be hard for you. But it is good that you are seeking help. Keep helping yourself. I am sure you will make it through. At the end of the day, we all survive. And we all get the bliss of parenthood one way or the other. Just stay strong.

Hey, its hard to know what your period will be like when you come off the pill as everyone is different. you will get a bleed though, just the same as when you stop the pill in between packs. Your cycles may take a little time to regulate or you might be lucky and regulate out straight away, after a couple of cycles you'll get to know what is normal for you as of course we are all different. There's no harm in testing for ovulation around middle cycle to check that its happening but again may take a couple of cycles to settle into a rhythm. Best of luck!xx

Can I do ovulation tests if had no bleed.

I think I'm worried cause I had the operation and no actual period since July as skipped the 7day break went straight onto next pill packet due to consultants advice I need a period to come out of my system ( If that makes sense)

We're going on holiday to cyprus in September so wanted to start trying then :)

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