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Is there a glimmer of hope?


Thanks for all the support from you lovely ladies.

So, after the scan on Monday showing an empty sac we had decided that was it. It was irregular in shape which is a key feature of a non viable pregnancy. We started to think of our plan B which is to leave NZ in January and return to the UK, popping to Spain along the way to pick up our frosties.

However, my HCG has still gone up and my clinic in Spain decided I should up my meds and rescan on Monday to be sure.

Finally got seen at the hospital here after having to co-ordinate my management myself. They assumed I was there to discuss surgical management which they had booked me in for tomorrow.

When I said that things weren't 100% the doctor agreed and said we should probably rescan next week and check bloods tomorrow.

My head is in such a whirl. To top it all my pregnancy symptoms came back with a vengeance today - felt sick and kept overheating.

Have now started reading stories of scans finding an empty sac and then a heartbeat being found after a few days. She said there was blood around it and I wonder if that could have made the shape irregular. I also had 2 blasts put back and wondered whether one could be hiding amongst all the blood.

I haven't had any bleed for a week when I passed the clots and no pain.

Dare I hope for a good outcome or am I going mental.


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I am hoping for good news for you! xxx

Yes I'm hoping for good news for you too! Like you have read...these things can happen and maybe this next scan might show something different. And your not going mental for hanging onto hope...hope is really all we got so you hang on tight to it! Xxx

I do think there is a glimmer of may be small but its there! I also wondered if perhaps one of your embryos hadnt made it. I dont think you are going mental to dare to dream, its only natural! We're all hoping with you!xx

I have absolutely no experience so can offer no advice but just wanted to send you loads of love 💕 will keep my fingers firmly crossed for you 🤞🏼 xxxxxx


Oh my word what a worry. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy! Hope for the best outcome for you. Thinking of you! x

I have no idea but sounds like there’s still hope, good luck on the next scan Hun xx

Really hope so 🤞 xx

I'm my gosh your head must be spinning, I really hope you get a positive result,I have everything crossed for you xx

Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 for you 💕 xx

Hope hope hope! 🤞🏼x


Hoping for good news X

Praying for a positive result for you xx

Everything crossed for you xxx

Wow, ! What a head blag. It’s not over till it’s over my lovely!! 🙏

I'm crossing my fingers for you <3

just caught up with your last few days... Wow, what a rollercoaster!! Still got everything crossed for you. Really hoping you get good news soon. Xxx

I really hope you get good news next week. It’s a real head mash I know from experience ☹️ You’ve been through so much & you deserve a happy outcome. xoxo

Oh my gosh how are you staying sane amongst all this? I do so hope this will all work out for you. Eat plenty of chocolate fush to keep your blood sugar high xx

So HCG has risen to 57,400 today (was 37,000 on Monday) - aargh!

Camillage in reply to Mantaray75

That sounds like a good rise. Hope all continues this way and you get the miracle xx

Oh dear, such a terrible time. I hope that it will be good news next week for you. I hope you are surrounded by friends and family. It’s normal to go mental. Not knowing for definite is so stressful. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Take care xx

Unfortunately my family and friends are 19,000km away!!

Never give up, really hope its good news on Monday. Its good you have prepared for the worst and have the frozen embies also.

Best of luck to you xxx


Have you tested for immunity and using Baby aspirin ?

after many ( and I mean a lot ) of failed cycles , my wife was put on baby aspirin and shes 28 weeks now, ( she used donor eggs too).

I should add she's the same age also. xxxx

Thanks. No I haven’t had any further testing. I don’t think it is as easy to get here in NZ. I didn’t use aspirin but have used that on steroids but that was with my dodgy eggs. I will definitely ask about doing things differently for my remaining frozen rounds though.

Congrats on you wife’s pregnancy.


Best of luck again, you'll get there. It took us years and so much heartache, you deserve good luck, please try not to stress out, I know its impossible.


Hi Mantaray75

Just thought i’d Let you know that when I went for my 7 week scan it took over 15 minutes to find the embryo in the sac - the sac looked empty and I was devastated. The sonographer was telling me to come back in a week and then we spotted a flash of white and there was the heartbeat. The embryo was burrowed in the side of my sac and wasn’t easily visible because of the position. That embryo is now 8 days old! I really hope the same is true for you.


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Thanks for sharing your story, lovely reading a happy ending!


Hi there

I just wanted to share my story with you, 8 years trying, 8th transfer, all going well, got our positive results. Had small bit of bleeding and attended clinic to be told sac was empty and to prepare for miscarriage and to stop all meds, clexane and progesterone. We were devastated. Attended week later for another scan, had no bleeding since so we were preparing for d&c.

To our shock and amazement, there was a heartbeat, 8weeks today and booked another scan for Sunday morning.

Still can’t quite believe it tbh.

So take care of yourself and I wish you all the best xx

Congratulations and thanks for your positive story.

Don't really know what to believe at the moment. We have a holiday booked in under 2 weeks and I can see it dragging out until then.

How far along were you when you had the first scan?


Hi Mantaray,

Hope your ok, I'll be thinking about you on Monday xx

I too think there could be hope so keeping everything crossed.

I know someone who had twins and they thought she’d lost them hospital said that’s it but one dr wasn’t convinced and then she found out that one had sadly gone but that the other survived and went on to have her son. It’s not over til it’s over keep your chin up ❤️❤️ xxx

How are you doing? When is your next scan/tests?

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