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IVF #2 ....massive fail


So I had Endometrial scratch a few weeks ago and my baseline scan showed up 5 follicles. Started short protocol on d2 (4th Sept). At day 5 scan no follicles (probably regressed & died off), d7 (today) still no follicles. I’ve had two acupuncture sessions, hoping that would help. This morning, I made the decision to abandon this cycle and wait until the next one. Surprisingly, feeling ok about it. There is still a bit of hope and I’m now feeling a lot more positive about the next stage of donor eggs if this doesn’t work. At least I can’t say I didn’t give it my best shot! Hope all you ladies are doing ok Xx

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Ahhh Im really sorry! You have an impressive attitude there! You're right you are giving it your best shot and that's all we can do during these treatments!xx

Hi jengi, well done for making that decision, I had a similar thing with my cycle last month. On baseline scan I had 2 follicles present, one of them very small. The previous month on a monitoring cycle I had 5 follicles. The clinic advised me to progress but after 3days of stimulation I just didn't feel good about it, so I told them I wanted to cancel and come back and try on another month when hopefully the start point is more favourable, as I belive it could be. It was such a difficult decision for me to make, but when I did I was really proud of myself.

I hope I'm going again mid/late Sept. Good luck for next time :) I've never heard of follicles just all dieing off before, that's interesting that happens.

Glad you're going again too!



Hi jengi. Well, you can only d your best, and so far you have done. You are so positive to see this cycle through, and who knows?? Good that you have a back up plan should this not work. I will be thinking of you and good luck! Diane

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