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When is my period coming again?


I have just failed an IVF cycle and is currently bleeding (14 days after blasts transfer). My doctor says I will have to wait for 2 monthly cycle to do next IVF.

My question is when will my period come again? Mine used to be fairly regular. Would the cycle disturb my monthly cycle? I just want to plan the start day for the next one.

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Hi Jenny

I’m very sorry to hear that your first cycle was unsuccessful. I’m in the dreaded waiting period but, like you, am not feeling optimistic. Could you drop me a private message please to let me know what clinic you were at.

The cycle I am in, is an NHS one. But I have also had appointments at a private clinic - I’ll let you know in a message.

Best of luck for the future!

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I am with BMI Chelsfield hospital. It takes both private and NHS patients.

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