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Embryo Fragmentation (just a question)


What causes this? Is this because of egg quality? And what can be done to help prevent it.

The reason i ask is because a few of our embryos were fragmented but the embryologist did not go into detail and when i asked she didn’t really answer in detail, and i have just been seeing forums with women talking about there embryos being fragmented?!

I appreciate the time taken to answer, goodluck for you all xx

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It is about the quality

The perfect one should b 8 segments and no fragmentation. As well segments to b equal..

My embryologist said...

I wish mine was like that ..

He said that u can still get pregnant with not a perfect one 😳

Yes my embryologist said exactly the same, but didn’t say what actually causes the fragmentation to start with. I had 3 which were grade 3 blastocysts suitable for transfer but not suitable for freezing. Because of fragmentation 😔

Hi we had fragmentation on day 3 on day 5 the cells were mush no transfer for me. When I asked the embryologist what caused it he said it was difficult to say some eggs had slight resistance, sperm for ICSI is from testes more difficult to work with and have less motility he said he would use a chemical on the sperm to improve it “like give the sperm a caffeine boost”. My egg retrieval was 10 they used 5 that were suitable other 5 were immature hence the resistance. I feel there is no explaination on how the cells divide unequally when there developing.

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