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One last time

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Hi Everyone,

I hope all of you in the throes of cycles are coping ok.

I just want to let off a bit of steam. My DH is also so positive and I don't want to bring him down... but I figure you guys can take it... :)

So we have decided this will be our 4th and last cycle. I can't keep on hoping forever and i need to move on and be happy with what I have at some point. (We are also out of money and would like not to be thinking about how we will pay for the next go)

So if I thought things were intense before, this just steps it up to a whole new level. I feel completely different about this cycle, slight excitement as usual. But most of all scared and helpless. We can do all the things in the world but fundamentally nature will decide what happens and we have to like it or lump it.

Oh dear, I am being rather melancholy but that is where I am today.

Maybe I will start perking up when I start stabbing myself with needles in two weeks.

Here is to nature : P

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Sending lots of love and luck. Fingers crossed everything is on your side this time xxx

Here's hoping this is your time xxx

Keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

I wish you every success xx

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