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Day 4 post ovulation symptoms


My ovulation started on Friday 20 june from evening 7 which made me feel crampy for one hour .

On 21 ,1dpo Saturday morning I felt runny nose ,sneezing n getting cold

On 22 ,2dpo Sunday - runny nose,sneezing n cold

On 23,3dpo Monday -cold n sneezy sometimes n feeling light feverish when I touch my neck ..

24 today to I feel cold ....M going crazy thinking of this 2ww . Any one has gone through these symptoms n got positive results bcoz earlier in before cycles I have not experienced all these symptoms after ovulation.i feel different this time. can anyone clear me with this

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Hi 👋 I’m assuming this is a natural cycle you’re referring to? I would think at this stage it’s far too early to experience any pregnancy symptoms, sadly. But wishing you luck with your wait xx

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Thank you so much ...

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