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Ovulation Test - nearly there???


We’ve taken a break from all things TTC for a while but making a start with trying to track my cycles and find out when I’m ovulating to get the timing right for having sex to give us the best chances - I got frustrated with ovulation tests before because I never got a second line but I think I’ve got one 🙏🏻🤞 would have helped to read the instructions before I peed on the stick 😳 forgot to put the stick in the holder so it didn’t read and I’ve just had to read the lines the old fashioned way - but if I’ve got a second line that means I’m almost ovulating??? Going to keep testing and hopefully the test line gets stronger 🙏🏻 Hubby has been warned not to overdo it in the gym this week as well have plenty of BD action to be getting on with! 😂🤞🤞🤞🙏🏻

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Good luck. I definitely see a second line. I also read somewhere that ovulation tests are best done in the afternoon. So you could do another this afternoon? Have fun! Xx

Yep I’d do another test tonight if I were you, you will hopefully see that second line get stronger! X


Hi Sarah_a_2018. Looking promising - good luck! Diane

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