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No periods so not ovulating

Heyyy, does anyone else not ovulate and have no periods? I was given provera to force a bleed a few weeks ago (which worked), but just wondering if this has restarted anyone’s periods altogether?

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Hi Molly,

My periods randomly stopped 18 months ago. I came off the pill and they came back like clockwork for 4 months then just disappeared!

Took ages for the Doctors to look into it and realise I wasn’t ovulating. I tried provera and got one bleed. However, it didn’t bring them back regularly.

I started taking letrozole and this made me ovulate therefore get a period but didn’t help us fall pregnant. We are now on our first IVF cycle.

I’d say be on your Doctors case and force them to take action for you!x

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Thanks for the reply ☺️

Luckily my doctors acted quite quickly with running blood tests and I had to have an ultrasound, but everything came back fine so now the fertility clinic aren’t really doing anything. They’ve advised that I lose 2 stone and go back in September. I know I could do with losing weight but I just feel they could be doing something now to restart my periods, and then fair enough if I have to lose weight before they offer IVF etc. I’ve always had regular periods until I got my implant 4 years ago (had it removed a year ago) so I genuinely feel that it’s related to that, but they don’t seem interested in that.

Ah good luck! I hope everything goes ok xxx


All my blood tests came back fine as well. Which I found strange because how could they know where in my cycle I was if I didn’t have a cycle 🤷🏼‍♀️.

After my bloods and ultrasound, the consultant (had used private medical because own doctors were not interested at all - told me to wait 2 years and see if my periods returned because I’m only 28) referred me straight to the Hospital for assisted conception. It was here i got the letrozole.

Hope the weight loss goes ok but remember you know your body best!

Thanks had egg retrieval on Friday so now just praying the little embryos keep growing x


Yes I had that same confusion 😂

I’ve thought about going private but I don’t even know where to start! I emailed one private hospital who just sent me a load of prices but I didn’t know what I needed. Ah I’m glad you’ve gone private cos your doctors sound awful... I’m only 26 so was really shocked (and happy) at how quickly they referred me for tests and to the fertility clinic. I had a couple of false positive pregnancy tests so I think she thought there must be some underlying health issue so maybe that’s why!

Ahh I honestly have everything crossed for you! It must be so nerve wracking xxx


I haven't ovulated or had periods since I was 15! Provera (and similar medications) have always worked in that they've forced a bleed, but nothing has actually kickstarted my periods.

I did IVF last year and now have a healthy and delightfully giggly six-month-old baby boy! My periods never came back after he was born, either.


Ahhh congratulations on your baby boy, that’s lovely news ❤️ Nice to hear some success stories xx

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