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Frustrated and overwhelmed - endo and MFI

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We’ve been ttc for 9 months, I’ve got endometriosis so we got sent for fertility tests nice and early. Just found out husband has severe oligospermia on his first semen analysis. Now got to wait for blood results (hormones and karyotyping) and do another semen analysis in a month. I’m so upset about it all (we’ve not even spoken to GP about his results yet - can’t get appt for another 2 weeks and I only know his result from the blood forms they’ve sent out!). Husband didn’t want to do test as it hadn’t been a year of trying and is in denial still that there’s a problem, and thinks next sample will show everything is fine. What are the chances of that? I want him to lose some weight and cut down on beer but not sure how to get him on board without being a nag :-( Any advice?

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Thanks for sharing. It can be really hard to cope with male factor infertility. I have PCOS and my husband has low count so I know what it's like to have a double whammy of sub fertility!

I'm lucky that my husband has been receptive to improving his quality but the trick was to start small. I'm not sure if you're OH is already doing this but I started by just getting my OH to take a multivitamin (it lives in the bathroom next to the sink and he just had to take it when he cleans his teeth). Then I bought him a water bottle as being well hydrated is really important for sperm count and quality (again I fill it and put it in the fridge over night, then all he has to do is take it to work and drink from it).

Those 2 small things increased his count from 6m to 9m so I think after he realised that it just took doing little things but doing them often he's gotten much more on board (he's even quit drinking and started snacking on walnuts now!).

I also think it helps if they see how much you do. Watching me start exercising 4 times a week, change my diet, take a fist full of supplements, reading all the IVF books and start a hypnotherapy playlist has thankfully made him want to help and take some of that burden off me.

I truly wish you the best of luck with your journey and sorry if my long post hasn't helped I just wanted to share some of the small things that have made a big difference to me :)

I do know one person who had a zero sperm count twice, then a very low sperm count with very abnormal sperm, and then suddenly a natural bfp when he stopped doing night shift. I don’t think it’s that common but it can happen.

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