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Shrinking follicles?


Arrived in Czech Republic Sunday night and had my Day 10 scan at clinic yesterday. I had 4 follicles identified at my previous 2 scans locally at home and last one had 14, 12, 10 and 8. Dr scanning me yesterday could only find 3 and whilst one was around 16 (I think as I was too upset to take it all in), she said the other 2 were small measuring about 8 and no sign of 4th. I’m confused as to how I could have lost one and 2 have shrunk. They’re carrying on with EC which is on Thursday so I hope the bigger one continues to grow before then and has a golden egg ripe for collection/fertilisation. I know I shouldn’t have expected much given my poor ovarian reserve and I know I only need 1 (good) egg but can’t help losing hope!

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No experience of this but just wanted to say good luck. Grow, grow, grow! xx

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