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Unexplained infertility & fancy ovulation kits

Hi all,

Had a lapascropy & dye test which showed everything was clear & open. Ive got regular cycles and am ovulating, but been trying for 18months ( I know not as long as some of you ladies here) not really sure what I'm supposed to do next...

Has anyone forked out for those fancy expensive ovulation kit subscriptions with the overnight vaginal temperature or under arm ? Not asking people for endorsement of particular brands out there just a bit of opinion. Im quite skeptical you see, and I'm 90 % certain we're covering fertile days as I used fertility awareness for some time as a contraception before ttc

Also does anyone know what the guidelines for offering IUI are? And is this something people with unexplained infertility get offered?

Thanks all

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Hey we are unexplained too - My GP recommended just have sex every 2-3 days during your cycle as this is the safest way. If you are trying for ovulation kit positives only it can be risky in my opinion....But everyone is completely different and has a different story on here....

The cycle we just conceived I was showing positive ovulation and I did not have sex during that time as my OH was away, so I believe my GP now....

With the ovulation tests I was struggling to afford the digital ones and found these good - 60 x One Step Highly Sensitive 20mIU Ovulation / Fertility Strip Tests (Wide Width). These are identical to what we supply to the NHS - you can get them on amazon.

Best of Luck! xxx


Hi there,

Oh thank you for the advice!

The consultant who did my laparosopy was insistent about not charting... She said it affects hormones. Im glad i have the charts to show doctors though but going forward I'll adopt a more flexible approach to the whole thing I think. As yes odd things do happen don't they! Our mysterious uteruses!

Congrats on your positive!


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Yes I do believe it is good for appointments it was handy to have the info and I needed reassurance something was happening in there ;)

But since we got a positive I now understand their advice of getting together every few days - even though that takes its toll too on both of you!

We are still early days with the positive test so keeping very calm waiting for the 12 week scan.

Best of luck - I know how frustrating unexplained can be, but bright side - no news can be good news too :) Work on your relaxation and keeping healthy!

Wishing you a BFP very soon.



Absolutely, no news can be good news !

Fingers crossed for your 12 wk scan. How interesting that the IVF kick started something, I head same about the dye test!

Bit delayed in responding sorry wasnt being rudw, was having a week not on the forum in an attempt to take a break :)

All the best


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Ps I meant to say - although we concieved naturally the IVF def kick started something....and through IVF we could learn whether the sperm and eggs were compatible...xxx


I am glad to see you here. You are not alone in this journey of life. I and my best wishes are always with you. Conceiving is one of the hardest things for the couples. You are also one of them. Those who conceive at first try are very lucky. Don’t think yourself as unlucky dear.


Hi, we have unexplained infertility also. With the ovulation kits and things it was totally stressing us out. I went and had all the tests like yourself and the doc referred me for IUI. I never had any success with it and cause me a lot of time and stress. Wish I had went straight to ICSI which I’m going through just now x


Thanks for sharing your experience with me, all the best with your ICSI !

sorry for delay by the way, I was having a week of looking on the forum in an attempt to take a break from the whole thing :)



Just wanted to say I do NOT recommend clearblue fertility monitor- the only month it didn’t say I had ovulated was the first time I ever fell pregnant naturally, so I must have ovulated! It gets really expensive too as the unit costs a lot and then the sticks cost a bomb too.


Hello Lizzie! Thanks for tip ! Yes I am suspicious of those :) and them wanting all your money because you get so desperate!

sorry for delay im responding, I was having a week off the forum in an attempt to take a break from the whole thing :)


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