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Sometimes it pays to do your own research 👊🏻mess up by hospital 🤦🏽‍♀️


Hi everyone.

I was flicking through posts on endo UK and came across a post about bowel prep prior surgery for removal of bowel endo.

So I emailed my endo nurse early this week and asked whether I need to do bowel as it’s on my rectum. Anyway today she fanatically tried calling me whilst I was working.

It turns out I do need bowel prep!

I have to travel 50 odd miles to collect the meds at silly o clock before I race to work tomorrow 👎

I did ask if my GP could prescribe instead and apparently they can’t without a letter from a specialist and most pharmacists wouldn’t stock citrafleet.

It’s bad that it wasn’t mentioned at pre op or my consultation and it’s taken me to bring it to their attention.

My op would’ve got cancelled if I hadn’t asked 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’m so grateful for these sites 😊 Not looking to doing the bowel prep tho 😩 but hope it’s worth it and I can start trying again xoxo

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Wow, how ridiculous that they didn’t know this! It’s lucky you are so on the ball or you’d have ended up absolutely fuming on the day of the Op.

Is the op on Monday? Otherwise they usually post out bowel prep to you.

I have a colonoscopy once a year, the prep is definitely the worst part of it😩I’d say start eating low sodium just now to make it easier for you, what goes in, must come out and all that! No fibre if you can avoid it.

Good luck for the op, hope it goes well...oh and drink the prep through a straw as fast as you can xx

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Isn’t it just 🤷🏼‍♀️

So glad I checked! Yeah my op is Monday. So it is quite risky to post so late.

The official preparation starts Saturday 🙈

Thank you for the reply 😊and tips.very helpful 👍my mum has regular yearly colonoscopy not nice. xoxo

It’s awful that you had to find out yourself rather than from the ‘so called professionals’. I would have thought automatically they would sent you out the bowel prep and instructions. Go you for challenging and every step. The prep not that nice but hopefully Monday will be a success for you hun xx

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Thank you.

Hopefully will be worth it 👍

How are things your end? xoxo

Always try and look to the next milestone . You got this Jess xx

Thank goodness you did your own research, how disappointing it would have been to have your surgery postponed! Shocking! Best of luck with the prep and for Monday xx

Well done for noticing. These boards are amazing for giving us all knowledge. Good luck for your op!

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