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New here! Advice please


Hello everyone, I am new here but could really use some reassurance/advice.

My partner and I are due to attend our IVF information appointment with the nurse in the 6th August 2018. I am so nervous about this. I have read all the information I can find surrounding IVF but I still feel very anxious and panicked.

I am 26 years old, have been pregnant before (when I was 21) but miscarried at 13 weeks. I came off the 12 week depo injection in june 2016 and have not fallen pregnant since but have been actively trying.

After many tests the results show I do ovulate however my AMH is 8.3 which is apparently very concerning for my age and so we have been offered one round of IVF.

I am aware this post probably makes no sense but if anyone could offer any advice what so ever I would be really grateful.

Thank you

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What is it in particular about ivf you would like advice on?

I was much the same as you when confronted with the reality of having to go down the ivf route and googled like mad. It left me really scared. But I think that’s only normal. All I can say is this; yes it’s daunting, you’ll be faced with a rollercoaster of emotions and you may struggle at first but you will quickly get the hang of everything and you will be fine xx

Peaches87 in reply to Tugsgirl

Just what to emotionally expect, what is the treatment like, has anyone else had a low AMH level? I just never thought I would need IVF and it has really frightened me. Also did people act really sorry yet positive towards you when you told them.. I just feel very confused.

Google has definitely worried Me! I think our next app will be very helpful it just feels very far away.

Thank you for your response xxx

Orla9298 in reply to Peaches87

Hi! I have low amh but a lot lower than you, found out aged 31 it was only 2.7! It was the waiting and diagnosis then the wait for the treatment that was the worst part for me. The treatment itself was emotionally easier to take (although waiting for the fertilisation call and the day 3 update is tough!). Happy to answer any questions! I have an ivf Instagram account based on my 5 rounds I’ve done, it’s onedaywewillbethree if you want to nose at my journey in pictures! I’m private so you’ll have to tell me your username so I know to accept you xx

Peaches87 in reply to Orla9298

Oh really? I just think because i dont know anyone who has been in the same or similar situation to me I feel very scared of the unknown I guess. I am hoping that after the app in august we know more. How long after that app does it usually take to get the ball rolling? They did say it can be from my next cycle?

Thank you xx

Orla9298 in reply to Peaches87

If they have said next cycle then I’m sure that’s when you will start! For me they took a while to agree to my funding and all my investigation appointments were really spread out so it took 7 months from my first investigations to finally get to start xx

Peaches87 in reply to Orla9298

I hope it is the my next cycle, I am finding the waiting quite hard xxx

Just wanted to say hi 😊 my circumstances are slightly different because we have male infertility factors, but I found starting the process massively daunting too. I don’t think you can ever predict how you’re going to feel and some days are probably tougher than others but once you start, I’m sure you’ll be ok xx

In terms of other people’s reactions, I think it’s totally up to you who (if anyone) you tell. It’s a personal choice. Just surround yourself with people you love and that care about you. And this place is great for advice and support 😊 wishing you all the best xx

Peaches87 in reply to Caza2009

Hello :) thank you for replying! I think the waiting is making me worse as it is allowing me time to think.. which isn't always a good thing. We have spoken to our parents and close friends but it's although people feel they dont know what to say to me or maybe i am being paranoid because i dont know how to feel.

Thanks for your reply xxx

Hi I unfortunately cannot offer any advice but just wanted to let you know your alone with how you feel. I'm due to start icsi on my next cycle due end of July, although this is due to male factors and I find it incredibly daunting too. Yesterday I had to leave work and go for a walk because my sister in law messaged me quizzing me about what was happening and it sent me into a state of panic. I feel stupid sometimes getting so worked up. I feel I need to talk about it so my close friends, mum and work know but my husband wants go keep it quiet so as far as he knows I've only told my mum. He doesn't like to talk much and I'll be honest I'm a bit worried about how supportive he'll be but I am trying to trust him when he says he'll step up.

Good luck with it all here if you need to chat xx😊

Peaches87 in reply to Leannefb

I feel exactly the same! I'm okay then someone asks me something or I think of a question and panic and think... Oh my god! I feel very alone. My partner isnt much of talker and he says I need to relax and that he will support me etc but I'm worried. I trust that he wants the same thing but he isn't very thoughtful sometimes and i don't want to feel like it is only my life this is changing.

I am also here if you need to talk! Hope it goes well xxxxx

My amh was 0.05!!

Stay strong

Peaches87 in reply to nellynel

Thank you xxx

First of all...hi!! This is the best place to come to...everyone is so helpful and friendly 😊

I'm 31 and my amh was about 5...this sent me into a state of panic as it obviously has with you too! But we have been extremely lucky. We had 9 fertilised eggs, and after our first round I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant.

The process is daunting at first. IVF is a subject that nobody ever talks about. You hear about it on the news, or a friend may be talking about another friend and say "they're pregnant through IVF", but asides from that it all seems hush hush. I have to say that the clinic we attended were brilliant. Instantly put us at ease and actually I found the whole process alright. You are usually offered counselling if you feel you need it too. The worst part (as others have said) is the waiting! The rest is very straight forward.

With timings, I think every clinic is different but we first heard from them in November and started the injections in feb.

Hope some of this helps.

Wishing you the best of luck with everything 😊🍀 xxx

Peaches87 in reply to Ekjones86

Hello! Wow congratulations!

I think I am just very worried in general but you're right it is very hush hush and i don't know why but i don't know what to say!? It's frustrating.. over all I feel anxious and frustrated which i realise is no good for me but i can't help it. The clinic have offered counselling which I think I am going to discuss on our appointment. I'm worried about injecting my self and I am worried about how to cope emotionally. I just didn't see my self in this situation and now I am I am frightened. Thank you for your reply you're right this seems to be the best place for advice and support xxxx

Hi Peaches87, we have had our IVF consultation today and although it feels very overwhelming it feels as though there is a chance, after 2.5 years of trying! There is a lot of information to take in at the appointment, and lots of consent forms... our clinic have told me we will start the injections/process when I next have a period, so roughly end of July. I feel excited/nervous and everything in between. Sending you lots of luck and hope. Try to stay positive and see this as the next step towards your end goal; easier said than done but this helps me 🙂 also, if people ask me about our plans to have children I just say 'yep that's the plan, hopefully' and then move the conversation on! Xxx

Oh wow really, do you feel better having been to your app now? It's so exciting but I just feel very overwhelmed. I hate the "when you two having a baby, or its your tuen next" like its that simple. I am. Trying to be positive.. good luck in your journey xxxx

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