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Late period?


Hi everyone,

So as the title says my period is late (due Tuesday, still no show) I’m not really sure how to feel I did a test tues morning which was negative and awaiting the dreaded Flo who never arrived. I tested again on weds with a clear blue thinking maybe my cheapie had made a mistake still negative.

Not really sure what’s going on my cycle has become really regular now all of a sudden it’s a no show.

Has anyone had this and what happened?

On a positive note my ivf appointment has come through for the 20th July

Thanks for reading

Kelly xx

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Hi Kelly. It may just mean that you ovulated later than normal. Great news about your ivf appointment xx

kelsbels88 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks lovely for the reply. I hope everything is ok with you and the last of your planning is going well xx

Tugsgirl in reply to kelsbels88

Yes all is well except Tude feels like he’s coming down with a cold! Typical 🤦🏻‍♀️ He only had one about a month ago lol xx

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