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AF or bleed from endo scratch?


So i started taking noretheristone on 25th May. On Tues this week I had an endometrial scratch (my AF was due on Wed this week). I was told by my clinic to stop noretheristone today ready for my baseline scan on 7th June. I got a little spotting after my endo scratch and this spotting turned brown yesterday (sorry tmi) which I assumed was old blood. My AF didn't come Wednesday due to the noretheristone however for about 6 days I have had period like cramping/pain and had thought that it was down to my AF wanting to come. Today I had blood when I wiped which was bright red and more than spotting and enough to wear a pad. I also have had lots of pain/cramping and period like symptoms but the bleeding and cramping have now calmed down. Does this sound like my AF or could it be blood/pain from the endo scratch? I'm confused.

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I wish I could advise it sounds very confusing!

Sometimes procedures can bring a period early; my hysteroscopy did in March.

Is there a contact number you can call? Like an out of hours nurse?

I hope one of the ladies can advise better. xoxo

AnnieAnnie in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your message Jess, I phoned my clinic yesterday as I was convinced it was AF and they've booked me a scan for Monday as they don't want to miss this cycle. This morning it's back to old blood and no symptoms whatsoever. I'm so confused 🤪 I'm wondering if this is just a break through bleed from the endo scratch, but given it was done on Tuesday and I've had the dried blood on wed and Thurs, I wouldn't have thought it would bleed like it did yesterday. Hoping the scan on Monday will shed some light xx

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